Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter Body Beast

I started organizing a third year of the Winter Miles Challenge, but after some thought into my personal goals, I decided to steer another way. Instead of driving up my mileage, my goal is to focus on overall body health.  I have pounds and inches to lose. While running is one of my favorite ways to lose weight, I need to listen to my body to avoid injuries from vamping up the miles too quickly. This machine ain't getting any younger...

So I've put together my own Winter Body Beast. Improving my running is a factor, but not the whole enchilada (Mmmm, those are yummy...). I need to get back to my optimal running weight, keep body fat in check, build muscle, and I like killin' the planks and pushups too!

I know some will be disappointed without the weekly mileage reporting that I offered with Winter Miles Challenge, but I needed this challenge format and change of focus. If it interests you, YOU can play too. Print off the sheet for yourself and join me in this 12 week challenge - purely against yourself.
The information you fill in on the chart is for your own viewing pleasure (or disgust). However, at the 4 week checkpoints, I would love to hear about your progress - the pluses (more pushups!) and the negatives (pounds!).  Please revisit RUNwithJESS.com through the next 12 weeks as I'll be writing each week (for my own accountability) about my success and struggles.

I'm excited to excel at Winter Body Beast - and ultimately get back to where I was several years ago. My life has changed since then. I don't have the same amount of free time to dedicate to running, blogging, networking, etc... however, I've gotten pretty good at prioritizing and saying NO when it matters. Now, can I carry that over to my diet?

In fact, I'm so confident that I'll succeed that I'm putting $$$ on it. Have you heard of Dietbet? I've played numerous weight loss games with this online host and won a bunch of money - by hitting my goal of losing 4% in 4 weeks... Check it out! I'm hosting a new game that starts next Monday, January 11.  (Ends Feb. 7)  Consider yourself invited to play!

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  1. Big fan of running as well, not necessarily to lose weight, but I love it nonetheless. I really like this challenge. As of today I can plank for 1:30s and wall sit for 1m. Hopefully, by end of the winter, i'll hit the 4m on the plank and 3m on the wall sit.


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