Product Reviews

Most of the reviews below were done in connection with a giveaway.  While the contests have expired, the reviews may still be helpful to anyone looking to purchase one of these products. If you have a product you'd like me to consider for a review, please contact me at


I love BondiBands!
2Toms - SportShield, ButtShield and BlisterShield to
prevent painful chafing and blisters

ABC's of Yoga for Kids - book about teaching children
the basics of yoga

Aquaphor - skin care for athletes

BAMR Bands - fitness headbands that are colorful & stylish

BondiBand - fashion and function headbands
BondiBand - headbands and winter running hat

CLICK - espresso flavored protein drink.  Yum!

Diet-To-Go - diet meal delivery service

Endorphin Warrior - warrior training bracelet and ring

Far End Gear - one-bud earphones for quality music and safety!

Family Fan Club - custom made running/fan apparel
Family Fan Club - custom iPhone cover

Fitsok - athletic socks to baby your hard working feet

FlipBelt - a slick belt to store your run goodies around your waist

Gone for a Run MetalArt Wall Display - Metal rack to display race medals

Gotein - protein powder supplement that mixes with water.

GU Energy - energy gels to fuel your run
GU Energy - energy gels, Roctane gels and chews

H2O Audio Trax  - Custom fit headphones with solid performance

Injinji - Toesocks that offer premium comfort and a blisterless run

Inperspire - motivational gym towels

KEEN Mercer Lace CNX - casual shoes that offer solid support

Knuckle Lights - light up your run with these lights that wrap around your knuckles.

My Life on the Run - book authored by Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer of Runner's World

nuun - electrolyte enhanced drink tabs

Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Lite Arm Warmers & Thermal Run Hat -
fashionable and performance arm sleeves and moisture wicking hat

Pro-Form 1450 Treadmill - my new baby that arrived on 12/20/11

Races2Remember - racing pace bands, cheer signs, tatoos and more

Road ID - safety lights and custom id bracelet

Run Less, Run Faster {the book} - unique FIRST training program by Furman University

Ryders Eyewear - running sunglasses

Saucony Virrata - natural running shoes

SparkleSkirts - SparkleTech running skirt

Sparkly Soul - fashion and running headbands that sparkle!

StrideBox - monthly subscription service of runner goodies!

Team Sparkle - lightweight running skirts that sparkle!

Tough Chik - t-shirts to declare your love for the
sport of running, cycling or swimming

Tribute Sports - unique gifts and jewelry for athletes

YakTrax Pro - shoe accessory for running in the snow and ice
YakTrax Run - modification of the original Pro for snow and ice.

Yurbuds - Sport earbuds designed for women to never to fall out.

Zensah Sports Bra - known best for their compression calf sleeves, but they have a wide assortment of fitness attire.