Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Race Recap: Chicago Rock 'n Roll Half

Photo: ASI Photo

I have such mixed feelings after the Chicago Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon last Sunday.  I set no time goal and went into it telling myself to just have fun... and I did!  Yet I'm left feeling disappointed.  My finish time of 2:09:55 ranks 4th out of the 5 half marathons I've completed.  For some reason, I just assumed I'd be able to cruise to a better time than that... while still having fun. Oh-well, chalk it up in the books and let's just call it a fun Sunday run!

We arrived in Chicago Friday around noon and headed straight to the race expo.  This was by far the best, most entertaining, race expo I've ever attended!!  In fact, it may just be the highlight of the weekend for me.  

We walked the red carpet...

Posed for fun pictures...

Participated in all the fun interactive stuff...

My Big Girl worked out with XSport Fitness for almost an hour!

The Brooks Run Happy Cavalcade of Curiosities Tour put on a quite a neat show.  I hopped on the treadmill and had my running gait analyzed.  The trainer did a great job of answering my 101 questions.  We scored cool prizes and the little circus show entertained my children immensely.

Four hours later, we scored a LOT of swag and samples...  

On Saturday, I should have relaxed, but instead we spent a fun day at the Brookfield Zoo.  Halfway through the day, a thunderstorm came through and we had to run our way out.
My favorite is always the giraffes.

The night before the race we moved into the Congress Hotel, right across the street from Grant Park and the start/finish line.  The hotel was completely buzzing with giddy racers everywhere.  So fun!  In the morning, I did a warmup loop around Grant Park, stretched and found my corral #7 with ease.  The race started right on time .  The start was crazy... so many people!

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But isn't Chicago's skyline gorgeous!?!?  I must admit I didn't really have time to "sightsee" much on the run.  The course was packed the entire 13 miles, and I really had to concentrate on where I was stepping.  I let the congestion roll off my back in this race... I slowed and let runners by that seemed to be overly-anxious. I chatted with runners along the way.  I gave a fist-pump to every band along the way... and high five's to the hundreds of spectators with outstretched hands.  In fact, I was so pre-occupied that I forgot to take a mid-run GU until mile 8.

Photo: ASI Photo

Decked out from head to toe in turquoise blue (even my fingers and toes!), I got lots of compliments on the outfit.  Thanks to Team Sparkle for loaning me the traveling skirt!

I checked my watch at the 10K split (6.2 miles) and was pleased to see 1:00 on the nose (9:40 pace).  I never looked at my wrist again.   Unfortunately, I slowed down after the halfway point, despite a last mile push...
Am I working it or what?!?!  Finish Line in sight!
Thanks Tracy for the picture!

My race splits...
5K - 29:31 - 9:30 pace
10K - 1:00:10 - 9:40 pace
10 mile - 1:38:51 - 9:53 pace

 Finish 2:09:55 - 9:55 pace
Overall  #6412 out of 15,259  (42%)
Females  #3034 out of 9480  (32%)
Age Divison  #416 out of 1355  (30%)

Half Marathon #5 is in the bag!


  1. Sorry it wasn't the time you wanted, but you looked great and it sounds like a super fun weekend!! :) Great job!!!

  2. Congrats on your race. You really did awesome. Looks like the little ones got a great workout to at the expo. Loved all the stuff you got.

  3. Congratulations on half #5! It looks like so much to run such a big race. I'm a little jealous!

  4. I love that your girls wear your colors.
    Not every run is meant to be PR, rs it's good to enjoy a race for the run (or the expo).

  5. Congrat girl look at that pace! Uh October seems so far away, I ready to run my 3rd! Looking forward to running with you again soon!

  6. Great job!! Looks like you kept a decent pace! I looooooove running in Chicago.

  7. I think you did fab, had a great time, and looked awesome while doing it. That to me is a great race.

  8. I'm hoping to the Dallas stop of the Rock 'n Roll half in March. If all goes well, it will be my second....first will be in October. Now, I'm even looking forward to the expo! Thanks for the recap!

  9. YAY! Congrats!!!Looks like a great trip and a great race!

  10. It's always great to hear peoples stories from the front of the pack as compared to my POV. Congrats on finishing even though you didn't get the time you wanted.

  11. well I think you ROCKED it!! Your time is fabulous! Great job!! :)

  12. Nice job, mon! I am putting this one on my list, for the expo only!! I love staying where you can walk to the start, so smart.

  13. Hey don't be so hard on yourself, you're in the mist of marathon training. You rocked out 13.1 miles like a champ!

  14. Hey girl - you definitely rocked the half - with all those people, it's tough to get a great time, but you had a great time and that's what's cool about Rock and Rolls! Did the San Diego full and it was awesome too! Good luck on Q-C = you'll love the bridge!!!

  15. Woo hoo! I was so excited to see you during the race. The sparkle skirt is awesome!

    Your girls are too cute! How awesome that they get to experience their mom doing stuff like this! Love that they joined the Xsport dancing. (Didn't those ladies thighs freak you out a bit?)

    Looks like there were a lot more freebies at the first day of the expo - we still got a bunch but you made a haul!

  16. Good job Jess! Your splits are amazing!
    Love all the pics too!

  17. Way to go, Jess!!

    You're awesome! I LOVE the photo of you with BOTH feet off the ground! My race photos always seem to capture me mid-funny-step or otherwise looking like I'm standing still!! ;) Yours is FANTASTIC!

    Way to ROCK (n' Roll) Half #5!!

  18. Wow! I think you did a phenomenal job and you look awesomee. Love the sparkle skirt too!

  19. Congrats on the race! Way to rock #5!!

  20. Looks like you had a great time and that last photo where you are close to finish is awesome. I love the determination in your face :) Nice work!

  21. You had a fabulous weekend despite not making your time goal. Your sparkle skirt looks amazing and I hope you channel your NUUN vibes to us next weekend!! :)

    FABULOUS race photos!!!!


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