Monday, February 3, 2014

My Snowball Shuffle

breakin' tracks in fresh snow!
My sneakers hit the snow last week for the Snowball Shuffle virtual race, along with thousands of others across the country. I had meant to run it earlier in the week, but the days slipped by. Then Friday morning, I looked out the window to see snow trickling down. I knew in a second that this was perfect timing to run my Snowball 8K (4.97 miles).

I quickly rearranged some previous plans, dressed and slipped out the door. My feet led the way, winding along my typical route. I absolutely love my neighborhood for running. The roads have a bit of a maze feel to them (I used to get lost when I first moved here all the time!), and there's the perfect amount of rolling elevation to keep it interesting, yet not overly taxing.

The snow fell gently and then harder at times. It was mid-morning, one of the quietest times in my neighborhood - everyone has left for school or work. The falling snow added to the stillness and I felt a tremendous peace as I graced across the freshly-covered pavement. With every footstep, there was a quiet crunch of the snow beneath me. Just me and the road... this is my happy place.

Every once in awhile, a run comes along that is magical... reminds me of why I run and keep coming back for more. I knew shortly after starting that this run was going to be one of them. I kept my pace slow and comfortable, almost stalling, not wanting the run to end. When I reached my street, I turned the opposite way, and kept on going. My Snowball Shuffle 8K turned into a 10K. The extra effort was worth every ounce of the glory I felt that day.

Did you run the Snowball Shuffle virtual race?
Don't forget to report back your finish time here.
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  1. I did not run this, but what a cute idea and adorable medal!

  2. I did not run this, but what a cute idea and adorable medal!

  3. I also turned mine into a 10k. Tried to do a mile warmup and wanted to track my time after the 1 mile but lost track of time. I was on my lunch break so didn't want to fool with the treadmill time anyways. My goal was to get it overwith asap.. and it was a great run!

  4. I ran it, and was so glad I did. Best overall run I have had in a long time! :)

  5. I totally forgot to log my miles last week! >.< I did 'em I just forgot to log 'em. I guess the doing it was the important part though! Your run sounds like it was awesome! I love it when you get out there and suddenly you're having an amazing run.

  6. I ended up running mine late - but I feel like I earned my very cute medal even though I lost out on the chance to win something. It's all good!

  7. I have "come down with" plantar fasciitis and could not do the Snowball Shuffle...sad. The medal came with my WONDERFUL hoodie and I will not display it until I EARN it..........

    Can't wait to get back out there!!!!!


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