Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Five

This week I experienced a huge "runner's high" moment. Back in January when I restarted training, I had 4x800 intervals on the plan. I was suppose to run them in 3:58 (7:56 pace) and utterly failed. I couldn't even complete one at that pace!! It was so demoralizing to see how much speed I had lost over the holidays. Well... this past Wednesday was another story. I nailed 6x800 intervals, each at 3:58 or less. It was hard; it royally kicked my ars... but I did it! My hands were trembling and I could hardly stand straight after those 6 miles... but I was smiling ear to ear. THIS is why we train.

I'm following the 4:15 plan from the Run Less Run Faster book on pages 250-251. I'll be tweeking the plan slightly next week to accommodate for the Little Rock Marathon, which I will be running as a training run (for big fat bling!). My ultimate 4:15 goal is for Eugene Marathon on April 28.

Have you been following the story on Oscar Pistorius? He's the famous "Blade Runner" from South Africa that made great sensational media during this year's Olympics for overcoming adversity (no legs!). Now he stands accused of murdering his girlfriend. It's really a bizarre story. Pistorius says he shot four times through his locked bathroom door (killing her on the toilet) because he thought an intruder entered through his bathroom window. Witnesses say there was yelling and arguing for an hour before it happened. Hmmm, what do you think?  Suspicious, and yet the judge granted him bail this morning.

This year's Jelly Bean virtual race is gonna be HUGE! Reminder: Today (Fri, 2/22) is the cutoff for ordering finisher's medals. The #JellyBean E-Newsletter went out yesterday - Be sure to check it out HERE to answer any questions. Thanks!

The third and final round of the RUN YOUR A$$ OFF weight loss challenge starts this Monday, Feb. 25.  Only $10 to bet on yourself that you can lose 4% of your weight in four weeks. Lose Weight. Have Fun. Earn Money!  Come on... join in and get yourself in prime racing shape for spring!  All the details here.

What could be better than a day with fellow female runners? If you're in the Midwest, check it out...
Madison, Wis
Sunday, May 5
A full day of runner heaven... group runs, educational sessions with local experts, Zumba, yoga and bootcamp classes, bra fittings, fashion show, mini expo, lunch, cupcake party, swag bags, prizes... and the keynote speaker is ME!!  Oh-my goodness, YES!!  So much fun in one of my favorite cities.  Currently, Running Diva Mom is having a giveaway contest to win a FREE Entry for the retreat  HERE.  Head over and get entered to win!


  1. "My hands were trembling and I could hardly stand straight after those 6 miles"

    I. LOVE. That. Feeling! (Except for the 6mi part, which I've never accomplished.) Congrats on catching up to your plan!

  2. You guys are awesome with this retreat - I hope you get an awesome turnout! Wish I could go, but I have a race, a conference, and lots of driving that weekend. Are you doing Oshkosh this year?

  3. Way to nail your RLRF workout. The track is tough, you are awesome!

  4. RLRF is no joke - great job!

    I've been following the Pistorious story all week. My thoughts: I find his story to be RIDICULOUS. if someone is IN THE BATHROOM, leave. Problem solved.

    BUT, all of the evidence that I've heard from the prosecution is lame. The witnesses that heard the screaming were 1000' away from Pistorious' home.

    Also, from what I understand about the SA judicial system, the bail hearing is exactly that - simply to measure the likelihood of him being a flight risk. The argument is, that since he's so recognizable, there is minimal risk to him fleeing anywhere. It doesn't really take into account his guilt or innocence.

  5. You are awesome! Way to go on those repeats!

  6. Heard the story about OScar and it is sad to see how a successful person like him can lose it all. I personally believe he is guilty. He lives in a very securde area and why not just locked the person in and run away or call the police? Plus now the main investigator was taken off the case, it all sounds very suspicious to me.

  7. That is so cool that you are the featured speaker at the retreat! I so wish I could go - it looks like a blast!

    Will you be camping in Edgerton this summer? I hope we can meet up for a run!

  8. I did not receive my jellybean newsletter. Did I not register correctly?

  9. Way to rock those repeats!! I love workouts like that!!!

    Totally not buying the blade runner's way!

  10. Yeah for Eugene! I think Oscar is slippery. I think he got hot-headed and...

  11. just found your blog. this retreat sounds SO fun. i am in minneapolis and have never been to madison. i may have to check it out:)

  12. It's so nice to hear another midwesterner blog! :)

  13. Just recently found your blog- I'm following the Run Less Run Faster plan for the first time for my next marathon (training for Brookings, SD marathon in May). I like the idea of less mileage with RLRF, but have yet to complete a full track workout at my desired goal pace....I've always had to slow down or cut back on the intervals because I was wiped out. Congrats on nailing your workout this week--very inspiring! Have fun running in Little Rock! Would love to run that marathon someday. :)


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