Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines FIT COUPLES #2

In celebration of Valentine's Day, I am featuring several of my favorite FIT COUPLES... and giving you the opportunity to share your fitness love story as well!  I applaud those who are determined to live healthy and be a role model for their children and communities.  Keep Rockin' the Fit Life!

If you missed yesterday's FIT COUPLE #1 Joe & Stephanie, read their story here.

Introducing FIT COUPLE #2: 
The powerful Crossfit family of TJ & Stephanie...
When it comes to fitness, most of our friends know us as ‘CrossFitters’… because well, that’s about all we do and talk about. We had both been athletes since we were kids and were looking for something new apart from the “regular gym” where I went to classes and he did free weights. We wanted to do something together – and I didn’t want our girls stuck in childcare with someone I didn’t know and where I couldn’t see them. In the spring of 2012, we found CrossFit. It was what we were both looking for – new challenges, weight lifting, cardio, you name it! At the time, our gym didn’t have a “kids area”… but we brought them anyway. It didn’t take long for other members to accept them as “one of us”.  The CrossFit culture is like a second family.

Having two small children can easily hinder fitness in a relationship. TJ and I, however have never let having kids “hold us back” from us doing the things we want to do… we instead make it a family activity and include everyone. I believe it is important, not only to our relationship, but to our relationship with our kids to be positive role models. Our kids see us being happy, getting better at things through struggle and hard work and being healthy and active. In turn, they want to do the same things. They learn not to give up, and that it takes hard work sometimes, but it’s worth it.

Since we aren’t as lucky as some with getting time for ourselves and “date nights”… we created our own “dates” working out at CrossFit. TJ and I both spent the day looking forward to getting to work out with each other that afternoon. I believe it’s brought us closer as a couple. At the gym, like in a relationship, we’ve seen each other struggle, persevere and succeed through hard work and determination. We’ve been there to help each other through when we think we can’t do it anymore… we’ve been each other’s #1 fan. We are doing something together that keeps us healthy and able to tackle anything both in and out of the gym. We will both be in the CrossFit Open this year… and while we most likely won’t make it to Regionals, we’re excited to see how far we’ve come in our one short year of CrossFit.    ~TJ and Stephanie

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  1. Oh geez, I entered way more than a few sentences. I didn't read that part very well. I'm just very passionate about heart health and February!! Oh well, hope you'll still consider me and my husband!!

  2. I love those pictures. That is wild. I can tell they take their gym time seriously. :)

  3. Holy cow! Those photos are fabulous!
    I thought Hubby and I were fit, but the handstand photo makes me think otherwise. ;)


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