Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines FIT COUPLES #3

In celebration of Valentine's Day, I am featuring several of my favorite FIT COUPLES... and giving you the opportunity to share your fitness love story as well!  I applaud those who are determined to live healthy and be a role model for their children and communities.  Keep Rockin' the Fit Life!

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Introducing FIT COUPLE #3:
The multi-tasking mommy Kelli and her Crossfitter
Several years ago, we found ourselves at a crossroads. Mike had high blood pressure and Kelli, a stay-home mom, found herself sluggish, uncomfortable and missing her personal confidence. Making changes to our diet and family activities, together we lost over 75 pounds! 

Mike was introduced to Crossfit and was instantly hooked. Switching to the Paleo diet, old food cravings were replaced by a desire to find out what his body was capable of, now with the extra weight gone. Kelli started running with the Sole Sisters and taking classes at the local gym. Just recently, she has started teaching fitness classes and looks forward to getting certified to do even more instruction. 

It’s amazing how energetic and confident I feel when I fuel my body properly and use a variety of exercise in my life. I’ve developed an incredible amount of fitness friends, whom add to my healthy lifestyle.  It is never too late to start taking care of your body, mind and soul with exercise, diet and most importantly, a positive attitude!  We both support each other in our different fitness interests. He loves Crossfit; I love my fitness classes. Different choices, but somehow we make sure each gets their “gym time” several times a week. 

We both feel is absolutely essential to expose our daughters and involve them in exercise and proper nutrition. Mike does weekly Crossfit workouts with our 5 year old in our living room.  Her favorites are the bear crawls, the inchworm, and burpees.  Kelli introduces activities like swimming, yoga and zumba to both girls by having special “mommy-daughter fitness time” each week. We want to ensure our children prioritize their health and know that exercise is fun!  Is it time consuming? Yes. It adds even more chaos to already hectic schedules, but we choose to make the time for our family - and have a blast while we are doing it! We realize that we have two little girls watching our every move, and we are proud of what we are teaching them.  ~Mike and Kelli

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  1. That is great that it is important to be role models for the children. :)

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