Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Year doesn't have to mean a new you...

As the calendar flips to 2011, it signals a change for so many.  "A New Year, A New You"... really?  Does it work like that? 

With plans to accomplish my full marathon this year, I'm back on the running train, er, treadmill.  So after a week of strict diet and hard exercise, I meet with the gym trainer to do my stats.  While I keep looking ahead to where I want to be (focus on the goal!), it's sometimes motivating to look back.  Trainer pulls out my card from last January.  Yikes, do I want to see this?!  Not frightening, but instead comforting, motivating and made me smile.  What a change I made in a year (measurements, BMI, body fat...), and yet, same ole Jess,... pluggin' away at the same old goals.  So maybe not a "New You" in 2011, but a stonger, slightly smaller one.  Yup, I'll take that.

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