Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Vote for Running

Duh, of course I voted!
It's election day in the United States. I find it slightly humorous that everyone is posting reminders to vote all over the social medium networks. How on earth could you NOT already know this?  Unless of course you've been living under a very big rock for the past couple months.  My personal opinion is that if you can't even remember election day, then perhaps your vote should just remain silent anyway. To me, it's comparable to forgetting Christmas. It is that important... and not just every four years for the presidential election, but the local and state elections in other years as well. I'm proud to say I have never missed an election since I turned the rightful age of 18.

Besides running, politics is another passion of mine. I actually have a Political Science degree. Yup, I wasted spent four years of college studying policy and government, several internships at the Wisconsin State Capitol and aboard numerous campaigns... just to realize I would never want to make a "life" out of it.  I have great respect for candidates, most who run with a vision to make a difference, to do good for their communities. It is no small feat to put yourself (and family) out there, vulnerable, just to let the public chew you up. Politics has become a nasty complicated world, even more so with the rise of social media. I have never been more relieved to have election day arrive... the negative and abrasive words will finally stop, right?  Similar to the whole NYC Marathon chaos this past week, I'm so exhausted and disappointed with the venom that is in people's words.

My polling place
With a frustrated heart but clear mind, I laced up my running shoes this morning and headed to my polling place. It took exactly 3.5 miles to reach the building (passing two other polling places along the way).  It was the busiest I've ever seen this little building at mid-morning. (An elderly man informed me it is was because the rain was coming... lol)  I checked in and had about 20 people in front of me. There were no open seats to sit, so I stepped back outside... and ran down the street to blow some time. I snuck back in and was called shortly. Unlike the hoards of elderly people, I breezed through the digital voting within minutes... and back out the door for my run home.  By now, the rain had started, so I took the most direct route home. It was chilly and the rain was bordering on sleet so it kind of hurt my cheeks.
6.8 miles in 1:04
+ 1 American Vote

I just hope the end results will be quick and decisive.  Hubby and I usually sit up all night watching election returns. But this year, we really need some zzzzz's for our early morning flight to Orlando.  Disney World, here we come!


  1. Great post Jess. Safe travels to Orlando, and if you see a mother and daughter dressed as Minnie Mouse (in pink dotted skirts) please say hello!

  2. You would be surprised. Someone asked me something about the shirt I was wearing today (it says, "Trust me, I work for the government."), and I said that I always wear that shirt on election day. And they truly responded with, "There's an election today?" Help us!

  3. I just got a text from my neighbor that we may have power back by the time I get home so if I do I plan to run to vote *fingerscrossed*

  4. Awesome post! I agree with the social media being a tad overdone with encouragement to vote, I do think it's neat that so many people are EXCITED about it! Way to combine running & voting!

  5. nice work on your run to the polls. I love that we get to vote by mail in ballot here - it makes it very convenient, but I kind of miss actually going to a specific place to vote. It makes it seem like more of an "event". Have a safe trip to DW...

  6. I too miss the polls like Kathy above...but the one election I did miss (an mid term election) was because the polling places around here told people they couldn't take any more voters when we went to the polls three or four hours before they closed. It was all discombobulated due to machines being down and such. Now I am on permanent vote by mail. BUT I vote!

  7. I got up this morning and was glad it was all done.
    now we can MOVE FORWARD together!

  8. I miss going to the polls - we are all mail-in ballot around here. Nice job mixing your two passions.

  9. Found you from XLMIC's blog, apparently she did the cupcake run...what a great idea! I totally want to participate next year! Your blog is inspiring me to get out on the road again...have been off of running for a few months and really want to get back to it. Last 5K was in March, so I am due, even if I do it virtually! Anyhow, just wanted to comment on how much I am enjoying the read and motivation. I put this and XLMIC's blog in my blogroll so I can stay motivated when I see your updates! Thanks!


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