Monday, March 25, 2013

My #JellyBean Runs

** My 5K **
I kicked off the 3rd annual #JellyBean virtual race on the first day - Wednesday, March 20. I met up with my Sole Sisters in the evening to tackle the 5k event. It was pretty cold and windy, but the sun made it tolerable. We had a smaller group than normal - which means there were plenty of extra jelly beans leftover for me my kiddos.

My (underdressed) hubby shivered in the cold as our official photographer.  Little Girl had the important job of handing out jelly beans at the finish and took her job quite seriously. I finished the 5k with my group in 29:55 (9:38 pace). We weren't really "racing", but Patty did edge us out in a last minute effort!

** My Half Marathon **
My goal was to complete this event part as part of my 20 miler on Friday. I started off by myself for 5+ miles through Dunlap neighborhoods before meeting a group of friends at the trail entrance. I felt really weak from mile one. Typically by time I get a couple miles in, my body goes on autopilot.  Not today... I felt overly taxed the entire run, worn down and beat up. I ended the long run at 14 miles, six short of my goal. Disappointing, but sometimes I actually listen to what my body is saying. Now I have to examine and tinker with the training schedule to squeeze in two 20's before Eugene (April 28).

We ran the Rock Island Trail, which is a staple running area in my town. After a fairly warm winter, however, the trail is pretty beat up. The surface is gravel/dirt, so when the ground gets soft, bikes and feet make deep imprints in the ground... and then it freezes. Friday was cold, so footing was tricky and a main concern for me. I am still babying a sore peroneal tendon, so every awkward turn on my right foot irritated the tender spot. Not fun... and now I'm back to icing.

The best part was the important part... meeting up with friends for a run. Despite the initial cold, the sun made it a beautiful morning. At one point, we had 7 Sole Sisters running and chatting away happily. Lots of smiles and laughs. My official #JellyBean half marathon time was 2:16:33 (10:25 pace).

** My 10K **
I came home from teaching Spin class on Sunday morning and had the urge to run. Overnight we had received a small dusting of snow, but the roads were clear. I made a deal with my family... give me one more hour and then we'll do something fun the rest of the day. Negotiations are a mother runner must!

I decided to try out a new 10k loop through Bellevue. It included a big hill (200ft climb), which is the main reason I've avoided the route. But today, I was feeling badass already, so why not?

Almost as soon as I began to run, the snow started coming down faster. I can't lie, I enjoyed this run tremendously... until I hit the big hill at mile 5. Oh, that hurt. As I was slowly battling the climb in now quite heavy snow, two cars stop and ask me if I wanted a ride. Hahaha... No thanks, I do this for fun.

Big Girl really wanted to come with me on this run, so I made a deal that she could join me at the end to "run me in". As I made the final turn towards home, I sent hubby a "Go!" text and she was off on her bike to meet me for the final 1/2 mile. Official #JellyBean 10k time: 1:00:30 (9:46 pace).

The #JellyBean virtual race is always a celebration of SPRING.
Who knew this year we'd be running it in the snow? Crazy weather!  

The rest of my Sunday Funday... a hot shower after the cold run, out for lunch, meet and greet with the Easter Bunny, egg hunt and craft for the kids, a two-hour nap (yup, even momma!) and then an evening of play in the snow. A seriously fabulous day!


  1. wow i cant' believe you did 5k, 10k, and the half already. I was going to do the half yesterday, but torrential downpour switched my plans so i had to treadmill it... i don't have the patience for that long a treadmill so i turned it into 10k as part of the 10 miler

  2. That snow is ridiculous. I don't care where you live, snow in March is not acceptable.

  3. What fun! I love all the color. Running in the snow here too and I start spring break on Friday! Seriously?

  4. Man! I feel like such a slacker ;) Awesome job!!! I tried to do mine on Sunday, but I was under hydrated, I'm not in shape to "wing it", had just worked out, and 2 miles in, I was done. ;) Good thing I have time!

  5. That is a nice medal! I wish I'd been on the ball with that one. And how cute are your glasses? What brand are they? I'm looking for a new pair, ever since I stuck my Tifosis into my workout bra and cracked them. :(

  6. Congratulations!!! I have the half marathon planned for Saturday and will drive an hour to a super nice trail and I'm excited!! Thanks for the medal, looks awesome!!!

  7. Nice job! Your girls are ADORABLE!!!

  8. Great job Jess! You are truly inspirational! I plan to get my 10k ran this week!

  9. I say only do one more 20 miler, your body and peroneal tendon will thank you. I have had peroneal tendonitis and trust me you don't want to go running for at least a few weeks!!

  10. The snow is crazy! Where is Spring? Sorry you weren't able to get the full 20 miles in, but 14 is still awesome! Love the medal! :0)

  11. Thanks for doing this Jess! Next year maybe I'll add the half and the bike and make it a clean sweep!

  12. Well, way to get in on all the action!! Go girl :-)
    When and what co did you go through for spin cert? I am looking into doing the same....


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