Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Four

Last week, we turned on the heat. This week, the air conditioning. It seems Mother Nature forgot about spring. {sigh}  I'm not a fan of running in summer heat. I'd rather run through winter snow and spring rain than the horrid humidity of a Midwest summer. So as the temps soar this week, I've realized that I need to return to my summer schedule of running. I set the alarm for 4:45am this morning. Hard crawling out of bed, but once I got outside, it was a fantastic run. The atmosphere is so peaceful and quiet before dawn - except for the crazy chirping birds. My legs took a little longer to get warmed up. By time I wrapped up 6 miles, I was sweating and panting like I just finished a race. I came storming in the door as my hubby pulled out for work. BOOM!  6 BEFORE 6. 

I've been working feverishly in the woods behind our house this week. Our old neighbors used to maintain a little trail through the woods, but it got overgrown in the past few years.  I decided to resurrect (and expand) the trail for the summer. The kids are old enough now that they like to explore. Hubby and I want to use it for a running trail... especially since school will be out next week and time for my runs will be minimized.  We're about 75% done now with the trail. I haven't measured it yet, but we're hoping one loop will be a 1/2 mile.  My legs and arms are scratched up from all the brushing work... and I'm inspecting my body every day for poison ivy. (I got a really bad case of poison ivy last year. My body seems to fuel the rash! So far, so good...) 
Now WHO wants to come run my trail?!

I'm making a big cupcake tower for a wedding tomorrow... so my house smells amazing right now. That alone is worthy of point today because I'm not going to eat any. Oh, the temptation! I love cupcakes!

I'm running a relay race this weekend as part of the Run River City Marathon event in my town of Peoria, IL.  We've pulled together four Toughie bloggers - Amanda, Shannon, Carmen and myself - to make TEAM TOUGH CHIK.  Unfortunately, Carmen has an injury so her running partner Angela will be subbing in her place. I'm excited to run the relay, but slightly nervous over driving to exchange zones. Today the event released a third revision on directions. It's been a headache every day trying to make sense of the logistics. Since it's "my town," I kind of feel responsible for not getting our team lost or late to transition zones. I hate it when organizers appear unorganized. It hikes up my OCD anxiety greatly! Hopefully, all will go well on Sunday...

How do you beat the summer heat??
Do you like to run nature trails?
Where are you racing this weekend??


  1. Gotta love the midwest...we also had the heat on just 4 days ago and then 2 days ago the AC! It's like we just skip over spring all together! I always run early in the morning, so that's how I beat it...but anything over 40 and I'm dripping with sweat regardless! Have fun with your relay! I don't have a race until June 8th, my first 10K.

  2. Good luck on the Marathon relay, Jess! I completed the Race for the Cure 579 out of 799. :) I am good with that - especially for my first race! Next race: Chillicothe River Run (My husband will be a member of the team in the 21 Gun Salute) and then the West Peoria Jamoree on June 1. Thanks so much for the great start you gave me and the encouragement to soar!

  3. The relay will be great! I did see the new revisions today and knew it would make you anxious but it's going to be good. I can always leave the start and co-pilot if you think we won't get busted. LOL! I'm not used to the plans changing on a minute by minute basis but I'm ready to roll with anything. Hugs!!

  4. How do you beat the summer heat? This will be my first summer running in the heat. I am in Boise, so it is drier, but my lungs are used to some humidity, so it's still tough. I have been running in the am and that seems to help, I guess I will know more when I am finished with it. I do enjoy running right now in the morning. Cool enough for a t-shirt and capris. =)

    Do you like to run nature trails? I do like to run trails. Before moving here we had a pretty extensive network of trails in town, so I was very spoiled. I'm not sure if they have any here. I know they have the greenbelt, but that just isn't as much fun

    Where are you racing this weekend? I am not racing this weekend, but I am going on a hike. Taking some family up to table rock for the amazing view of Boise from above. =)

  5. Your trail looks like a fantastic place to run! Kudos to you for taking the initiative to maintain it. I've been getting up earlier to run, too, as the temperatures rise. It feels so great to get so much accomplished so early in the morning. Good luck on Sunday!

  6. Yes I do want to run there!!! :) It is getting hot here in NY now too so I will be running later....I wish I could get up and run early but I just can not drag my ass out of bed!

    With that said I will be up at 4am to head over to the Brooklyn half marathon :)

  7. I also dread summer running..ugh..hate the heat and humidity! Great job on getting up so early!

  8. There is something about the midwest heat. I grew up there and moved to Florida where it's not much better. :) I don't give the weather any consideration when I go out to run. I just go. Although I probably should. No race for me this weekend. :)

  9. Oh my gosh! You are so productive! I love that you are clearing the trail. That is such an awesome project. And I have to say... "BOOM! 6 before 6!" made me crack up. Way to go!

  10. I, too, dread the summer heat and humidity that the midwest brings. I, too, will be running at o'dark thirty just to make sure I don't die of dehydration during these long summer months. sigh...
    Great job getting 6 done before 6. woot!!
    As for the trail- I'm sooooo jealous! My dream is to buy some land in Colorado and build my own trail system on it... minus the poison ivy. ;) Definitely post more pictures of it- it's gorgeous!!!


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