Thursday, April 24, 2014

#JellyBean Race Wrap-Up

Last week was the fourth annual running of the Jelly Bean Virtual Race. Like every other year, there was amazing participation from all over the country world!  As always, my virtual races are free to participate in... with the opportunity to win cool prizes. My hope is that my virtual races are a push out the door and extra incentive for your friends and family to gather together, combining fitness and fun.

This year, there was an optional finisher's medal, which proceeds benefitted the St Jude Children's Hospital. Because of you, St Jude received a whopping $500 donation - just from this virtual race. Thank you! If you missed out on the medals, it's not too late to make a donation (here).

On Opening Day of the Jelly Bean Race (April 13), I ran the 5K with this fine looking group above. Sporting my bunny ears, I ran the first mile with my two girls, who are racking up the miles for the Peoria Kids Marathon. Then I headed back out for the remaining mileage. The best part... my last mile split was an 8:49! That's what happens when you get dumped on...

You see, Mother Nature tricked us again. With storms forecasted for the afternoon, we moved our run up a couple hours earlier to avoid the rain. Well, halfway through our run, the clouds opened up on us. We all got very wet. Of course, it was dry the rest of the afternoon. Sigh. I've had really bad weather luck with my fun runs lately.

Now for the important news... the PRIZE WINNERS from the virtual race!  
I have your mailing address and will get the goodies in the mail to you next week.

Beth Peralta (IL) - Advocare pack
Heidi Sebastian (IN) - water bottle with phone compartment
Genevieve Roestel (CA) - Subway gift card
Diane Rock (IL) - Swiftwick socks
Terri Brown (TX) - tube of Nuun hydration tablets
Laura Pyne (PA) - Headsweats beanie
Lisa Elder (IN) - You Just Got Chicked headband
Sarah Blissett (IL) - GU Energy variety pack
Stacey Kirk (NC) - 2pk of LockLaces

There were so so many great photos submitted from your virtual races. They made me SMILE all week long. My favorite was from Kimberly Merrifield. They dressed up as a bunch of jelly beans and ran their 10K this way! I just love the enthusiasm and silliness of it. Congrats Kimberly, you've won a Run & Eat Cupcakes shirt from me. Please e-mail me with your shirt size and mailing address.

to everyone who ran and/or walked 
in the 4th annual Jelly Bean virtual race!  
That's a wrap... Come on back next year!


  1. Had a great time running this one even if it was solo here in chilly MN! Love the virtual races and bringing us all together! Great job and I'll be back for the 5th year anniversary of this 'sweet' run! WOOT!

  2. This is great! I love the bunny ears and all the bright colors in your group photos! The gals dressed as jelly beans are the best! Wow, they ran 6.2 miles like that. So cool! What a great idea for a race!

  3. OMG I love the Jelly Beans! That's awesome! Hey Jess I see you gave away some advocare products, I've been using them for YEARS. Love my Spark! Have you tried anything from them? If not let me know and I can give you lots of samples. Next weekend...I.CANT.WAIT!

  4. So awesome! I have nomintated you for a Liebster award! I love following you!


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