Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Plan to not SCREW UP

Don't Screw Up the Holidays.
Holiday season brings extra festivities,
including FUN RUNS like
the annual Jingle Bell Hell!
It is the start of hibernation pounds for many (myself included). A long stretch of festive celebrating, eating on the go, work parties, family get-togethers and holiday meetups for every social group that you're a member. While the merriment is all fine and dandy, it leaves my jeans a bit tight by New Years. So I have a PLAN to not screw myself quite badly this year. I share it with you as an accountability check...

•  I expertly timed to run a marathon in March. The 16 week training schedule starts Thanksgiving week. Enough said. I'll be running my butt off - starting with a 5 mile Turkey Trot on Thursday morning. Plus I plan on attempting the RW Holiday Streak. This is either an awesome idea or stupid... unsure which yet.

•  I purposely entered a Dietbet contest that ends the week after Thanksgiving. I'm halfway to my goal (to win a share of the $ pot), with 4 more pounds to lose before final weigh-in. It's completely doable, but will require sacrifice of that pumpkin pie and fresh bread (my weaknesses) on Turkey Day. I'm not even a fan of mashed potatoes, gravy, casseroles and all that jazz so it's not terribly difficult for me to stick with just the turkey and veggies. However, my Aunt always has yummy snacks as we watch the football game... and my team usually makes me lose my cool, driving me to munch. It's not a challenge without temptation, right?! As we roll into December, I plan on signing up for another Dietbet. I can't deny it - the investment with money on the line - motivates me to say no to the cookie. I need that to keep my food in check over the holidays.

Don't Screw Up Marathon #6.
My training plan for the Shamrock Marathon started last Monday. I did not. As you may be aware, I was pretty sick this past weekend, so it quickly became a 15 wk training plan. Sigh. It is what it is, and I move forward.

I've finally settled on a training plan that works into my busy life, especially over the holiday season. (I'll share my plan details next week.) Although, I'm still searching for the motivation to train. I love running without a doubt, but training takes the run outside the "fun zone" sometimes. I know some people do, but I don't run full marathons for the fun of it. The only reason I run a full these days is to improve, PR, push my limits. 26.2 is always a big challenge and in the end, a huge high that keeps me coming back more. The distance drives me to push further and faster. To keep me (and you!) accountable to winter training schedules, I will be kicking off the Winter Miles Challenge on January 6... a free 8 week challenge that includes weekly prizes and motivation to keep us from slacking over the snow-riddled winter. More to come on that, so get excited!

Don't Screw Up My Foot. 
No one likes to talk about injuries, but once you suffer one, it's always stewing in the back of your mind. I'm not a very good patient. I don't listen well to the 'rest' philosophy. I have backed off my miles since completing the Marshall Univ Half (where IS that race recap?), but what I really needed was complete REST. My body obviously told me that this past weekend when I was bed-ridden with a fever for three days. It's amazing how your muscles and joints can ache more from laying in bed than running a marathon! I feel so darn stiff. Yoga please! However, after a 0 miles week, I now wake up each morning and walk normal from the get-go. If you've ever had plantar fasciitis (PF), you'll understand what a blessing that is. Therefore, I promise not slack as I pick up miles again. I will continue icing after workouts and my stretching exercises (Trigger Point review coming soon) to prevent another PF flareup. Long may this girl run!

Your turn...
What's your holiday plan? Do you fight it, or just worry about it come January?
Are you a winter runner? Do you have a spring race that you train for over the winter?
What's your current injury?


  1. I am a winter runner. I want to not screw up my eating and fitness habits. I also want to not screw up my knee!

  2. GREAT entry! I need the holiday motivation to stay on track as well. Looking forward to following along on your journey as I too attempt the RW Holiday Streak (which I failed miserably last year) which will propel me into my own training plan for my second half-marathon in early May. Can't wait to read more about this Winter Miles Challenge as well!

  3. Yeah, I was afraid I'd go to the Dopey Challenge under prepared b/c I wasn't really taking it very seriously ...... SO, I signed up for the Huff 50K. Yeah, 31 miles of snowy, icy, hilly trails. Can't fake that, so I'm currently in a "run as much as possible" mode, then run a few more hills. Help me, I'm scared!! LOL!

  4. I'm running a little more. I love sweets but can pass on booze and other things. I'm a winter runner, but in Seattle it is a pretty mild winter.

  5. What a great plan! I've been writing down what I'm eating and planning meals. Fingers crossed I can keep this up through the holidays. I'm so glad your PF is abated. Such good news.

  6. I hate running in the winter so I signed up for a half on March 30. I also have a 10 miler on Jan 11 and stupidly signed up to streak. My right right has bunion that hurts on and off.

  7. I am running a marathon on March 16th too... Barcelona!
    You're doing great! Keep it up! Falling off the wagon is normal... I try to get back on as soon as I can! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I plan on doing well during the weeks in between the holidays but enjoying any celebrations we'll be attending with friends or family. I bust my butt all year long so I'm going to enjoy it and not worry about missing out on my favorite foods/desserts.

  9. I love your plan! I'm planning on starting a new weights routine next week to get me back into things!

  10. I am currently taking part of RTTFs HBBC challenge! I can't wait to start yours! It sounds interesting! I can't wait! As for my weight, I'd love to get down about 25 lbs..but the scale is not budging! Maybe a dietbet is the key!

  11. I am currently taking part of RTTFs HBBC challenge! I can't wait to start yours! It sounds interesting! I can't wait! As for my weight, I'd love to get down about 25 lbs..but the scale is not budging! Maybe a dietbet is the key!

  12. Good luck on your training for the marathon. Beautiful photo of the fun run: here we are planning something of similar for Dec. 15th (I mean wearing such clothes).
    I don't have a current injury but a LIST of current injures!


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