Monday, November 4, 2013

Race Recap: The EDGE 10K

You all know I'm a Half Junkie. By far, 13.1 is my favorite distance, but I must admit, the 10K is pretty fun and challenging too. The more I run 10K's, the more I like it. It's a short enough distance to dial up the speed, but long enough to be a productive workout for me. On Sunday, I laced up for the inaugural EDGE 10K in my town of Peoria, IL.

The sole reason I signed up for this race was because my good friend Colleen was the race director - her first go at the job and I wanted to support her. Knowing her as I do, I knew the race would be well-organized, great communication and smooth running. She delivered on all fronts. For $35, I received a chip-timed race bib and a royal blue hoodie sweatshirt. (There was also a 5K option.)

Unfortunately, on race morning, I wasn't feeling the best. I had used that 'extra hour' from Daylight Savings in an odd puke session during the wee hours of the morning. I finally got back to sleep, but the damage was done. I felt tired and weak when my alarm sounded. And my tummy was touchy... I managed a 1/2 cereal bar, but it just didn't feel right.

Hubby was working, so I ran my kiddos over to the in-laws to hang for the morning. I arrived downtown Peoria with plenty of time to chat it up with my Sole Sisters before the race... and visit the toilet two more times. Oh, my poor tummy...

Alas, the call to lineup! As always, I am blessed with a body that perks up (or shuts down) at race time. The excitement and adrenaline took over... and I didn't have a problem the rest of the race. It was a perfect morning to run in the chilly 30's with bright sunshine. I started with Heather and Deanna. We're all a similar pace during our group runs, but today Heather went out quick. Our first mile popped off at 8:57. I haven't done that in awhile, but it didn't feel too bad!

Photo from my friend Andrew at Open Skies Photography

The first two miles were fairly flat, and then we entered Springdale Cemetery. Springdale is known for its natural beauty and big trees, but also for its challenging hills. I tried to keep my mind on the pretty scenery. Fall colors were absolutely perfect today and the leaves were gently trickling down around us. I ran without my phone today so I have zero photos to show off of this pretty scene.

We hit the big hill shortly after the mile 2 marker. With a turn, we zig-zagged up and up. It would even out and then climb again. My pace plummeted, but I just kept running - one knee lift at a time. It was here that I hooked up with "blue shirt". (Afterward, I looked up her name in the results - Judy.) I would pass her on the climbs and then she's pass me back on the declines. This seems to be my M.O. lately in races.

As we exited the pretty cemetery in mile 4, the field of runners had spread out quite a bit. (There was over 300 in the event, but only 80 in the 10K distance.)  I was struggling to keep up with "blue shirt", now roughly 25 yards in front of me. Each little incline, I would close the gap just a little bit and then we'd spread out again.

Photo from my friend Andrew at Open Skies Photography

As we hit the straightaway that was the home stretch, I was feeling weak. I haven't run sub-9 pace in a long time. My focus was to just "beat the blue shirt". There were times when I had a second wind, and then other times when I just wanted to ask her what age group she was in... I mean really, was it worth the fight?

I was banking on my finish kick, but then I thought, "Maybe she has one too..." So with a 1/2 mile to go, I pushed my effort and drove the pace home. I passed her before the turn, and there was no catching me. (Garmin says my last 0.2 was a 7:20 pace!)  I weaved thru the bunches of walkers that were now finishing the 5K and gave it a final sprint.

Photo courtesy of RC Race Management

Official Chip Time 55:41
average pace 8:58 min/mile
Overall #36 out of 83
Females # 16 out of 57
F35-39  #2 out of 6

Immediately after the finish, I turned to give "blue shirt" a high five and thank her for providing that push today. Evidently, I had done the same for her. Every once in awhile when I run a race, I find a good partner out of a complete stranger. I like that about runners.

My time was good enough for a 2nd place medal in my age group! Thank you small races for making us mediocre runners a WINNER once in awhile. There was a nice food spread, but I just sipped my coffee to warm up. The awards ceremony was so fun with many of my Sole Sisters earning an award. We were hoot and hollering like crazy. An incredibly FUN morning!

Sole Sisters after the awards ceremony... look at all those medals!


  1. Shut up with that mediocre runner BS....
    You had a great race, an amazing race when you take into account you were sick the night before!
    Good Job!

  2. Congrats!!!! You are NOT a mediocre runner. You are fabulous! :) And I do love smaller racers. I prefer them to be exact.

  3. Loved it Jess! You kicked it into high gear at the end of the race! You looked good for "tummy" troubles! Happy to cheer you on at the end!!!

  4. Love it! I'm so glad that your tummy cooperated during the race! You rocked it!

  5. What a fun race with a hoodie, timed bib and then a 2nd place AG medal. You rocked it Jess and with a bad tummy. Way to go!

  6. I love it when a total stranger can push me and I hope to do the same for others. I have only done 2- 10K's and I am not sure if I like them yet. I love 5K's because they are fast, but I also love 13.1 because I can pace myself. Great job on your 2nd place. I also love small time races for that same reason!!

  7. Throwing up before the race and still rocking a great time and a age group award.... YOU ROCK!

  8. Ok so you threw up in the night...and before the race and you still rocked a sub 9 pace?!! Way to go Jess!!

  9. Looks like, in spite of your tummy, you had a great race! I love that you still do it with a smile.

  10. You are so not a mediocre runner! Congrats on the age group award!!

  11. Congrats on a great race and your age group award!

  12. Aww, what a great race and time! I am happy you felt better for it! :) Congrats on the AG award!


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