Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Recap & Winners: #RideOutCancer

Every October for the past several years, I've hosted the Cupcake Classic virtual run to fight breast cancer. The "cupcake run" idea has now been duplicated more times than I can count, so this year, I decided to change it up. Tapping into my other passion (cycling), I organized a #RideOutCancer that incorporated several elements.

First was the Spin for the Cure on Oct. 5, a local event at the gym where I instruct Spinning. It was an amazing night with a packed Spin room. If you missed my recap, check it out here.

Secondly, I sold tank tops and t-shirts with the #RideOutCancer emblem on the front. The proceeds from shirt sales were donated to my neighbor Amanda, who is currently fighting breast cancer. When I walked down the street to deliver the donation, she was actually in Houston receiving another round of treatments. The $300 raised will help in a small way to offset their travel costs for these important medical trips. Thank you to everyone who purchased a shirt!

Thirdly, I partnered with BondiBand, my favorite athletic headbands (and winter running hat!). I sold headbands left and right, with proceeds donated towards my fundraising in the Komen Promise Run.

Lastly was the VIRTUAL 50K RIDE... This was free participation, raising awareness for breast cancer... on the bike, putting in the miles to honor those we've lost, those who survived and those still fighting. There was a finisher's medal available and those sold out quickly. Again, all proceeds benefitted our local Komen for the Cure Peoria Memorial via my race fundraising.

Total Raised: $1473

SPECIAL THANK YOU to these generous sponsors who donated above and beyond to make these breast cancer fundraising possible. The holidays are approaching... please consider doing some shopping with these companies. They have great stuff!

I finished my personal 50K ride on October 9. It was a challenging ride for me, as I've been putting in less miles on the road bike versus the Spin room. Hills are much harder in 'real life'. But it was a gorgeous day and whenever it got difficult, I remembered who I was riding for...

From the moment the finisher's medals arrived at my door, my 7 year old daughter wanted one. I explained to her what they were for (and they're not free). She was adamant that she wanted to earn one. In fact, she even pulled out her piggy bank to pay for it herself. So I told her, "If you ride the miles - without me having to force you - then I will buy the medal for you." By golly, that girl has definitely got my persistence. From day one, she was constantly asking if we could go for a bike ride. We had a spattering of bad weather and busy schedules in the early part of the month, so her miles came down to the wire. On Halloween night, between the rain, she got it done... with the whole family at the end of the driveway cheering her on.  I was one proud momma.

 Over 300 people across the country participated in the #RideOutCancer virtual ride. I have enjoyed reading your stories and seeing your finish line photos. Thank you for your participation and dedication to the fight against breast cancer. You are ALL Winners!

And finally the PRIZE winners...
Michelle Valentine - jewelry from Milestones Sports Jewelry
Jana McCutchan - jewelry from Milestones Sports Jewelry
Angie Rodgers - jewelry from Milestones Sports Jewelry
Amber Drake - jewelry from Milestones Sports Jewelry
Nicola Rutherford - jewelry from Milestones Sports Jewelry
Lindsay Barnes - prize package from Tough Chik
Samuel Stepp - prize package from CLICK Espresso Protein Drink
Amanda Carey - cyclist tumbler from Runner Decals
Lily McMullin - bicyclist bracelet from Shape Up Shenanigans
Deanna Metzloff - bicycle necklace
Melissa Butler - bicycle necklace
Brady Tadisch - helmet mirror

Congratulations to everyone! Big THANKS for your participation!


  1. This is so neat! Way to go all you cyclists!

  2. I'm a loser... but Breast Cancer funding is a WINNER! Awesome event Jess! You are always taking it to a step further then most! Thumbs up!!!

  3. What a wonderful way to raise money and also for getting the word out!

  4. Great work!! I must have subscribed late enough in the game to have missed this, but where are the bicycle necklaces? I'm having a tough time finding them in the sponsor links, & I'd like to try to support them for supporting your efforts. Thanks!!

    1. I made the bicycle necklaces. :) But Milestone Jewelry also has some bicycle charms that you can make/add to a necklace here: http://www.milestonessportsjewelry.com/charms-triathlon-c-70_252.html

  5. Thank you for doing this! I had my last treatment 2 weeks ago and ran NYCM this weekend. I'm very lucky to have had amazing care.

  6. Awesome, a cause so close to my heart!

  7. Everything you wrote warmed my heart and brought a tear to my eye. That said, I am most thrilled about your daughter and her determination and want to do it herself. I love that. Kuddos to you for supporting her and for raising her to WANT to do this. You are doing a great job!

  8. I got my prize in the mail the other day it's beautiful thanks!!!


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