Thursday, November 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday

ONE - Tornado Aftermath
It's been an emotional week here in central Illinois, with much of our outlining community in ruins after the tornado. People are whirling into action, donating so many items that the storage facilities are full. In fact, they can't even accept more until the current piles are sorted and opened up to victims. I'm heading down to the ballpark this morning to help organize. As an expert garage saler, it's the one thing I'm pretty darn good at!

Power has now been restored to the non-demolished parts of the city. The boil order on water was lifted yesterday. School will resume on Monday for Washington, IL. Families were able to get into disaster zones yesterday to shift thru what's left of their homes. Unfortunately, despite security checks, so have looters... stealing from the homeless.  Seriously, what is wrong with people?!?

My runner friend Paula, whose home
a tornado ripped apart, was just happy
to be safe and amongst friends for dinner!
My running group Sole Sisters had a social gathering for dinner/drinks after our evening run. It had already been pre-planned to celebrate Hug-A-Runner Day. Perfect timing because we needed a hug session! It was refreshing to sit around a table with women that I feel so close to (runner friends are just like that) and hash out the events of the week. One of our Sisters that lost her home in the tornado even came out to join us. She needed this more than anyone! We showered her with gift cards, love, support, food and drinks. On the drive home, I didn't know whether to cry or smile. Somehow runners make the most unique and special friendships. I am truly blessed to know and have these women in my life. They make me proud.

Our running group had four ladies who were devastated by Sunday's tornados. If you feel moved to directly help a fellow runner, please click the donate button below - knowing 100% will be turned into gift cards for a fellow runner to rebuild their families' lives. Thank you.

TWO - Sports
Sarcasm, but not too far from the truth.
This week at my children's school, it is "Support Week". Each day they pay $1 to participate in something fun with all the money going towards the tornado relief efforts. Tuesday was Hat Day. Yesterday was Wacky Mismatch Wednesday. Today is Sports Day. As a sports enthusiast myself, I was excited to help my girls pick out their outfits for the day. However, I quickly noticed they were not. When I inquired what was wrong, my daughter responded, "It's not fun to wear our sports shirts to school. People are mean. They tell me I suck."

Sometimes I hate the conversations I have to have with my kids. What I want to say is... Some people are a$$holes. Their parents didn't teach them how to be decent human beings. But instead, we talk about sportsmanship... how to be nice to your opponent - when you win and when you lose... how to cheer for your team without putting down the other... how to have a fun rivalry without being mean. Clearly a trait that even grown adults lack.

THREE - My Run
Since finishing the Marshall University Half on Nov. 10 (race recap still coming, I promise!), I've backed off the RUN to give my foot some healing time before marathon training begins. To keep the cardio up, I've been Spinning... a lot. However, I get bugs now and then to hit the pavement. I ran an 8 miler the other morning. It was an amazing run that I dedicated to the tornado victims... and I'm also delighted to say my PF did not react. Promising sign.

I've been wearing my UNBREAKABLE bracelet to show strength and support for my community as we rebuild from the tornado. Sometimes I feel so helpless, the only thing that feels right... is to run.


  1. Sounds like you are having a pretty good week. Your help to the victims is much appreciated. I cannot imagine having something like that happen. My thoughts and prayers are still with your community.

  2. I'm so glad you were able to come together...I'm sure hugs were needed!!! Glad to hear too that your PF is feeling better!!!! Yeah people need to teach their kids how not to suck! We have a huge rivalry here between Red Sox and Yankees or Jets and Pats...but I would never let my daughter taunt a Yankees fan or a Jets fan...even though they deserve it! I joke!!!!! Lol!!!

  3. I have the same unbreakable bracelet

  4. I like the bracelet...very cool! That's great that you have such a supportive community after something like that. We had major flooding in our first home only 2 years after we bought it due to rainstorms and we were evacuated for two days by the National Guard under threat of a town dam breaking. That was the most difficult thing we've ever gone through as a couple. When I was in high school, we also lost our summer cottage to an unnamed hurricane - but it was just a summer house. Those two things don't seem to compare to this devastation in your area. I can't even imagine. Family and friends are the best possible things after something like this.

    And I agree on the sports thing with fancy nancy. I'm a huge Boston sports fan, and while I may hate the Yankees or Jets, I would never let my (future) kids taunt someone else. I may do it in jest with friends, but I'll have to reign that in in front of the kids.


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