Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Things Thursday

I haven't blogged much this week... call it recovery.  After last Saturday's marathon, I was pretty exhausted - both physically and mentally.  I can't remember a time that my entire body was so sore, from my shoulders through the core, glutes, legs and even my feet.  I took a couple days to let my body heal. Yesterday I got back out there and ran an easy 3 miles; this morning 5 miles. My body is feeling good now, but I'm resisting the urge to go full throttle too soon.  I've done it before, resulting in injury.  That is not an option I can handle right now.

Marathon Race Recap coming soon!

I've been using my free time to catch up on my work... and create a new training plan of course. See the plan here.  I've got two more big events in the next month (Bayshore and Ragnar) before I taper down over the summer. My goal for summer is to relax and have more fun with my family.  Last year I was training for my first marathon and felt like it stole my entire summer.  I have a full calendar of fall races, but half marathons don't suck nearly the amount of time and energy out of me as training for a full does.
Have you picked out your fall races yet?
Next week I'll share my favorite fall marathon... and give away a free race entry!

How are you doing on the May Yoga Challenge?  I skipped a couple days after the marathon, but am back at it today.  And now what you've been waiting for... The winners of my Bob Harper Yoga DVD giveaway are:
Heather Clement
Run Jilly Bean
Please email me your shipping address to claim your prize.
Winners have 3 days to claim prize before an alternate winner is selected.


  1. Thanks for sharing your training plan! I love the format. I need to create something like this for myself. I have my marathon training plan and on non running days, I make sure to balance with strenght & CT. But having an organized plan like your's makes it really easy to stay on track. Well done!

    Heather Oakes
    Akron OH

  2. YES!! I have my fall races least the big ones. Rock N' Roll Denver on September 22 and Monument (1/2) Marathon on October 13. Plus several smallers 5 and 10Ks thoughout the summer and fall but those are the big ones. I really REALLY want to get to Michigan and run Sleeping Bear or Mackinac Island's 1/2 but not gonna happen this year.

  3. I have one fall race planned... the Transmountain Challenge, which is 13.1 miles up and over the mountain, resulting in an elevation gain/loss of 1200 ft.

  4. I'm learning on the whole recovery process. I made the mistake to get back to running (hard) too fast just because I felt good. And yep, you guessed it, injury. ITB not happy with me right now and I have a 15k in less than 10 days. :(
    The only race I have planned for the fall is the Asheville Citizen Times Half Marathon. I ran it last year, my company pays for half the training fees and this year my brother and sister in law are running it too :)

  5. Enjoy your recovery and rest time! I started out great with the yoga challenge but I haven't done so hot this past week. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Continue to enjoy your recovery time! Looking forward to reading your recap!

  7. Thanks for sharing your training plan - I love reading what others do and what does and doesn't work for different people.

  8. You deserve a great recovery! You are awesome an such an encouragement!

  9. Yay for recovering! I'm excited to be done marathon training as well. Half training is so much better!

  10. Rest up! Taking a break is good! I've been away from the blog world too. Right now, I just have RnR Va Beach half in September and the MCM in October that I'm committed to and 2 5ks in Oct and Nov. and that's it. Getting ready to mentally and physically prepare myself for training for my first full this summer!

  11. Congrats on finishing your marathon!

  12. Enjoy the recovery, you deserve it!


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