Monday, October 8, 2012

Cat Scratch Fever

Sorry for my lack of blogging... I've been slightly busy with a little thing called The Cupcake Classic. Are you running it?  P.S. Second chance to order "the cupcake shirt" is now available! Order here.

Outside of organizing the best virtual race around (that would be the Cupcake Classic!), I'm training for a little thing called a MARATHON. The Route 66 Marathon on Nov. 18 to be exact. Recovering from my clumsy toe injury has been smooth, but I definitely feel behind in training... and I'm trying to catch up. It feels like all the endurance I built up this summer is gone. That became crystal clear this weekend as I attempted 18 long miles.

The ideal situation was set-up. I was scheduled to run 10 solo miles early Saturday morning and then a running buddy was meeting me to carry me for the last 8. Unfortunately, I was up all stinkin' night with some gallbladder pain (odd, but it's been happening on and off to me lately?). Needless to say, I had to cancel those early run plans.  By afternoon, I was feeling better (weak, but no longer in pain), so I decided to squeeze in my 18 miler. Probably not wise, but it was really my only option this weekend besides skipping it completely.

It was chilly here on Saturday, but the sun peeked out occasionally to make my first 8 mile loop a really nice run. My average pace for the first 8 miles was right around the 10:00 min/mile mark. A little faster than where I should be, but it didn't feel pushed. I stopped off at my car to refuel with GU Brew and chomps... and then continued up the trail for an out and back.

To pass the time, I turned my iPhone on and found the Wisconsin Badgers football game. Just recently, I've found listening to games to be a great distraction on the run (when needed).  I greatly enjoy running solo, but 18 can get down right boring... especially when you're not "in the mood" as I was not on Saturday.
Pictures from my run

Autumn nature is gorgeous this time of year and I loved being out on the trails. However, not even the pretty scenery could distract what was going on with my legs. My quads were aching early in this long run. Everything from my feet, ankles and even IT band were hollering at me. (This is really abnormal for me.)  By mile 12, I was already counting down the miles. It was aggravating to feel this way so early in a long run. Geesh, I wasn't even at the half-mary mark yet.

For some reason, I got the song Cat Scratch Fever in my head... and THAT is exactly where I was mentally and physically for the last 5 miles... scratching and clawing to stay on my feet. Have you ever tried to lay a cat down on its back? Yeah, they don't comply very well. They squirm, twist and fight to land on their feet. That vision kept going through my head as I fought to keep putting one foot in front of another.

Eventually, I finished 18.2 miles in 3:15. I literally felt like I was shuffling in the final mile. My quads burned so badly that I actually had to walk up a few inclines. It was so demoralizing on my runner mojo.

My body's reaction to the whole run was just weird. I practically felt "sore" from the long run before it was even over. That soreness grew worse throughout the evening, but by the next morning, I was recovering already. This is not the norm for me... at all. Usually I'm tired the rest of the day, but no muscle aches until the following morning. Any insight?


  1. Aren't gallbladders annoying? I'm meeting with a surgeon on Wednesday to talk about having mine removed, if necessary. It's such an annoying little bugger, and I've found when it acts up, it seems to affect more than just my abdomen- like I get wiped out from just one area of pain. Mine's been goofy since April, but I delayed this appointment until post- AF marathon, so I'm ready to be done with it!
    You've still got time before the Route 66 marathon to regain that confidence. Don't worry! You'll do great.

  2. Sounds tough - but way to power through!! You've got this girl!

  3. Sometimes I have a bad run, and I never figure out why, and then the next long run will be great. My first thought was eating and then I read in your last post that you haven't been eating right, but maybe you worked on that since you wrote about it. Just a thought! Anyway, any time when you can complete 18 long miles is pretty good!

  4. I hope your next runs are better...Route 66 is going to be such a great race (I'm running the half)!

    Yeah, gallbladder problems will take it out of you. Actually, pain in general will take it out of you, even if you feel fine once the pain is gone. Also, I would recommend going in to see your doc about your gallbladder pain. While not as dangerous as an appendix (gallbladders don't tend to explode on you), gallbladder problems can quickly become chronic. And gall stones aren't much fun (speaking from experience).

    One suggestion if your gallbladder has been acting up is to watch your fat intake. Gallbladders store bile, which helps digest fat, and it's the squeezing out of the bile that often causes the pain. Low-fat diet can equal less pain, although if your gallbladder is not functioning at full capacity, low-fat may not equal pain free. Good luck!

  5. You are doing amazing! So proud of you and that speedy pace!

  6. Girl, I just don't know... there are SO freakin' many things that jack up my long runs, from ovulation to one too many glasses of wine the night before, haha. If you have a few minutes, you can laugh at my, um... 'eventful' long run today on my bloggy...
    Any insight on hiney pain?????

  7. No insight but that was a gorgeous run!! :)


  8. Hi Jess - I'm a new follower on your blog. I really loved your photos from your run - just gorgeous, and a great way to use your run to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life!

    I'm a newbie runner, so I can't give any insights into your aches. Sorry! Looking forward to reading more!


  9. Way to stick it out and get 18 done. You are so tough!
    Got "my" medal. Thank you so much for getting it out quickly. You are the best.

  10. Hey Jess, What a bummer. I always tend to be sore in the later stages of long runs. I'm not sure why and have experimented with various things. Be careful with that pesky IT band. Once those get agitated they are hard to get back under control. Mine has been acting up since June....sigh.

    And gallbladers are about a tempermental as IT bands. Definitly look for low fat foods...preferrably whole and unprocessed.

    Stay strong, sweetie!


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