Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Race Recap: The Cupcake Classic 2012

I ran for my cupcake in 28:58
The only way to recap this one is... YOU ARE ALL AWESOME! Over 1000 people across the world (yes, it went international!) finished the the 2012 Cupcake Classic. Some of you ran solo in the darkness of morning or on the treadmill.  Many of you grabbed friends, children, and husbands to organize local group runs. I love to see YOU inspiring others in your life to become active, especially the kids.  It's like this big chain reaction... I tempt you with the idea of cupcakes and in turn, you motivate others to get moving too. <big smiles>  Thank you for participating in such a huge huge way!

Personally, my local Cupcake Classic in Peoria was a bit of a letdown. The original scheduled date was postponed due to looming thunderstorms. On the raindate several days later... it didn't just rained, it poured! The group was much smaller than originally planned (schedule conflicts with new date and inclement weather). But the Sole Sisters that showed up splashed through the rain and made fun of the situation. Coincidentally, I had just enough goodies that everyone walked away with a cupcake and a prize! I'm so proud of the women who ran through the dark and rain with me last Wednesday. You are all Tough Chiks in my book!

Thankfully, I use random.org to pick for prizes... because you are all WINNERS in my book. From the speedy runners to the walkers to the those completing 3.1 miles for the first time, congratulations on your finish line!  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories and smiling at your photos.  Below are some of my favorites...

Events like this wouldn't be nearly as much fun without prizes from the generous sponsors who support the running community. Each company's name is highlighted with a link to their website. Please visit their websites and create your holiday wish list (or do a little pre-shopping for yourself!).

Milestone Jewelry (run happy hoodie) - Tonya Klausing-Kuzmik

Parsecent (heart rate monitor watch) - Abby Drinka

CLICK Espresso Protein Drink (deluxe prize pack) - Micky Schembri

Aquaphor (deluxe prize pack) - Noelle Evans

Tribute Sports (necklace) - Pamela Weston

Pro Compression (compression socks) - Abagael Shrader, Jacie Crawford

Endorphin Warrior (training bracelet) - Jaleesa Haynes

Injinji (toe socks) - Stephanie Williams, Stacy Jensen, Jennifer Morrison

GU Energy (strawberry lemonade electrolyte brew) - Penny Long

Road ID (gift certificate) - Tina Pratt, Bree McGuire

Hydrapak (sports bottle) - Crystal Raines  (soft flask) - Alice Girton

RunnerDecals (custom drink tumbler) - Carrie Miller  (will run for cupcakes decal) - Sheila Achey, Anitra DumlaoThompson, Kristi Cleary, Angela Green

Perfectly Posh (Rubby Scrubby foot treatment) - Libby Dillard

LockLaces (elastic shoelaces) - Lorena Stuart, Amy Sue Hasselbaum, Becky Joy, Jennifer Roberts

Tough Chik (shirt) - Kacie Williams

Quad Cities Marathon (shirt) - Terese Howell

I have all of your addresses already from when you submitted your times, so let a YaHoo! and then sit back and await your prize arrival.

Thank you everyone for making the 2nd annual Cupcake Classic a huge success!
Keep On Running...


  1. Thank you so much for this event!! :) We all really enjoyed it. I can't wait until next year.

  2. Looks like everyone had a great run! Thanks for hosting this awesome race and congrats to the winners!

  3. Congrats everyone! Great pictures!

  4. congrats!! Next year I'm getting my girls together and we're running.... TO the cupcake store- they put one just a block off the running trails :)

  5. Thank you for a great race! Next year I hope to snag some of the pretty race swag!!! Congratulations everyone!!

  6. Great Event!!! Thank you!!! Looking forward to next year!

  7. Amazing! I had a lot of fun doing it :) Congrats to the winners!

  8. Thanks for the motivation to get back out there Jess!!

  9. Thanks for the motivation to get back out there Jess!!

  10. I JUST discovered the race! I'm always a day late (or two) and dollar short, lol. I am SO in next year!!! Let me follow you so I don't lose it. :)

  11. Thanks again for hosting such a fun virtual race! My daughter and I had so much fun running together that day! Congrats to all who ran for cupcakes!
    (P.S. Those prizes are awesome and I did I double take when I saw I actually won one! Thank you!)

  12. Those are some great pictures :)

  13. Congrats to all the winners!!!

  14. This was such a great event! It was one of my daughter's and niece's first 5k and they are already asking when the next is. Before the start, my 6 year old declared she was going to "win". True to her word, she was the first finisher. My hubs had to follow along behind her in the car so I could go back and run with the other girls to the finish. They all did great and we all had a wonderful time!

  15. Woohoo thank you again for doing this!!
    Wow, I *never* win stuff! (I'm up there via my real name).

  16. Woot Woot! So fun! What a great event & super cool it was international! Can't wait for 2013 :)

  17. I just did my 5K as a trail walk/run a week late but really enjoyed it and love the medal!!! It was fun to see all the pictures from everyone's races. Thank you Jess!

  18. It is quite a lot of people but it is nice that at lot people for one cause they are in the same place.


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