Monday, June 24, 2013

Fighting with Mother Nature

Mother Nature and I didn't get along very well today. First, my alarm went off at 4:45am - it's time to run!  It wasn't just raining... it was pouring with loud thunder and banging lightning. Needless to say, I wasn't heading out the door; however, I was now awake. I hate the fact that I can't fall back asleep.

Once the rain stopped, I stood on my deck in the cool breeze, craving for a run. By now, hubs had left for work and I was on kid-duty. I announced to the girls that we'd be heading downstairs shortly to run on the treadmill.  It's been awhile (long while) since I've had to resort to the dreadmill. My girls, on the other hand, were rather excited to watch mommy run and hurried down to get the treadmill set up. I thought that meant switch the on/off switch, so imagine my surprise when I found this...
Cheer signs taped to the treadmill dash... priceless

I decided to knock out my intervals (key run #1 on the Run Less Run Faster plan). It's my least favorite workout, but intervals do make time tick faster on the treadmill. I opened up my FIRST training app on my iPhone to find my interval goals for the week...

These times are so darn aggressive for me. I pushed, nearly killing myself, but didn't come anywhere near the goals. Regardless, it was a tough workout for me, a good training run.
Actual Completed Intervals 
2 mile warmup @ 6.0mph (10:00pace)
400 @ 8.0mph (7:30pace)
600 @ 7.9mph (7:36pace)
800 @ 7.8mph (7:42pace)
600 @ 7.9mph (7:36pace)
400 @ 8.0mph (7:30pace)
400 Recovery between each interval 
1 mile cooldown @ 6.0-5.6mph (10:00-10:43pace)

By time we came upstairs, the sun had heated up outside. I needed a shower, but instead we all jumped in the pool... Ahhh!

Tonight I arranged a sub for the Spinning and Strength Circuit classes that I teach every Monday evening. Today was the last night for the local Kids Run Series, which my little girls have not missed one run - thanks to their daddy!  Big Girl has progressively gotten faster in her 1/4 mile run and was so anxious to show mommy her newfound speed. I was excited to finally be able to see them run and receive their trophies. Mother Nature once again had the last laugh and foiled our run plans today.  A storm blew up out of nowhere - quite brief, but just enough to cancel the event 15 minutes before it started. Drat!!

Setting my early alarm again and hoping to even the score with Mother Nature...


  1. Those signs are totally darling!

  2. The fact that you ran anyway (even if it was on the dreadmill) shows that you beat mother nature. :-)

    Those signs from your girls were adorable!

  3. Aww... hope the run was rescheduled! We have a week full of possible thunderstorms here on LI...

  4. That's so cute! What great little cheerleaders!

  5. Your girls are so sweet! I hope they get to make up their run soon. This stormy weather can go away anytime!

  6. Those little cheering signs are just the CUTEST! ♥

  7. Do you really like the app? I'm thinking about downloading it, but I have a hard time paying for it when I can do all the work for free, esp since I have no money to spend on luxuries even if it IS only $3 lol.

  8. So sweet of your girls to make signs for you like that! Love it!! Glad you were able to cool off in the pool after, too! Awesome run!

  9. Such cute signs!!

    By the way, how do you like the FIRST app? I have the book and like it a lot.

  10. How cute!! That would motivate me to get on the treadmill, for sure. =)

  11. Omg, that's the cutest ever. Love the signs!!


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