Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Reverse Duathlon

Self portrait on the bike...
This takes extreme coordination!
Today is a rest day. It was pre-planned since my long run is set for tomorrow. However, I have a hard time sticking to my schedule, specifically abiding to the rules of a "rest day". To force myself into compliance, I wear myself out the day before. I earn my rest day.

Yesterday morning, I did an easy 3 mile run, testing out the final course for the Sole Sisters 5K this Saturday.  It was a perfect summer day - bright sunshine, warm but not-too-hot temps. By afternoon, I was craving a bike ride, but I already had my weekly run with the Sole Sisters on deck. Training for two sports makes for complicated decisions. The crazy idea hit me to ride to the run. I got on and planned the safest route into downtown. Hubby was cool with it, so off I went.

A duathlon is an event that consists of a running leg, followed by a cycling leg and then another running leg - in a format bearing resemblance to triathlons.

I flipped it around to make a REVERSE DUATHLON...

9.25 miles on the bike - It was the hottest time of day with heavy traffic at the 5 o'clock hour. I need practice riding my bike in traffic, so it was good for my confidence. I had one huge ass hill to climb, the kind I usually avoid. Again, I need the experience of hill climbing on the bike... I made it up, slow and steady without falling over.

5K (3.1 miles) run - group run with my Sole Sisters. We had a great bunch last night as we tackled the hills of Springdale Cememtery. My legs felt weird to be running and it took me a good mile to find a groove.

8 miles on the bike - By 7pm, the day was winding down. The setting sun brought cooler temps and not-so-bright sun glare (ideal for cycling!). Plus I had less traffic to contend with later in day. Unfortunately, on the way home though, I had to deal with two big hills this time. Now tired, my quads and glutes kinda screamed, but I crawled up them without stopping. Yes!

Photos from an awesome Sole Sister... Thank you Laura!

I dropped into bed exhausted last night (nearly 7 miles running and 17 on the bike). Thankfully, I got to sleep in this morning for a change!  Unfortunately, I awoke to the crying of my Big Girl. She lost another tooth yesterday... and the Tooth Fairy didn't come!  Oh-Sh*t, mommy fail!! The price we pay for hard training.


  1. Congrats on the successful bike rides! I really want to get a bike.

    BTW, I joke that I was the WORST tooth fairy ever. One time, I forgot, woke up in the morning, realized I had NO MONEY and decided to write my daughter a note "from" the tooth fairy, saying that too many kids had lost teeth and I need to make a trip to the bank and would visit her the next night. My daughter was VERY suspicious. She eyed the note, eyed me, then said, "If this were from the REAL tooth fairy, there would be GLITTER." Busted.
    Another time I meant to leave her two one's, but I was rushing and accidentally put in a one and a ten. There was no way to explain that, so every lost tooth thereafter cost me big time.

  2. Nice job on the bike pic, not sure I would even attempt that one yet What ever happened to dad being the tooth fairy to save the day ..LOL!

  3. Wow, great job! I find it super hard to run after biking. Nice work!

  4. awesome! The multiple sport thing is always inspiring to me. I have a hard enough time running and adding something to it is amazing. Congrats on the solid workout. Rest earned.

  5. Thanks for this - now I've got a better idea of how to stick to a rest day myself. :) As always, you're SO inspiring to me!

  6. I'm starting to get more comfortable on my bike. Such a great cross-training option that lets you enjoy being outside. If I get brave enough, I might try a du.

  7. I am seriously impressed. Bikes scare me. LOL

  8. WOW! That's awesome...I'd say you definitely earned your rest day! :0)


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