Thursday, July 18, 2013

Run with a PUNCH!

The heat and sticky humidity of summer have finally hit the Midwest.  It is mid-July. So while it is expected, it's not necessarily welcome. I am not going to complain because that gets me nowhere. It's quite clear that I'm not a fan of warm weather running. Instead, I alter my workouts...
I run early. 
I bring it inside. 
I play with variety.

"Mom, need a water stop!"
Yesterday, my daughters and I managed a mid-morning bike ride. We came just short of 5 miles and even that was a stretch. They were tired early with hot red faces, so we turned it around earlier than normal. I had to coach them along just to get back home. My oldest daughter was practically in tears, and stomped in the house when we returned. Not our usual happy bike rides. No smiling post-ride picture. I knew then that my evening run with the Sole Sisters would be out of the question. (Hubby is working extra shifts to make up for the furlough, so I would have to take the kids with me to the group run. Wasn't happening...)

The cool basement was calling my name. I have a pretty nice setup surrounding my treadmill... boxing bag, weight rack, kettlebells, two benches, medicine ball and stability ball. Seriously, I should use it more. I sat down and scratched out a workout plan, procrastinated online and then finally made my way down the steps to get my sweat on.

I'm still grinning from ear to ear over yesterday's workout. It was tough. It was fun. It was in the cool basement with two fans blowing on me... and yet, I had sweat dripping off my chin. Boo-Ya!  I can't wait for a repeat!
Workout done!  I'm feeling badass!

I'm sharing the details of this workout below because it's a keeper! I hope you'll give it a try, and come back to tell me your thoughts. Better yet, take a picture of your sweaty self and post it to my Facebook page. While I may be hitting a real boxing bag, you can just air punch too (like you would in a kickboxing class).  Depending on your run pace, this workout takes about an hour. You'll need a timer of some sort to clock the two-minute rounds.

Need help with boxing terminology?
JAB - quickly punch forward with leading hand, rolling your fist down as you strike target.
CROSS - power punch with back hand straight forward, rotating back hip forward.
HOOK - punch comes the side with leading hand (picture striking the cheek of opponent's face) while pivoting your lead foot.
UPPERCUT - bring leading arm's elbow into rib cage and drive fist upward (imagine striking opponent's under the chin), while rotating lead hip and heel.
BOB & WEAVE - lower into a squat as you circle your body from side to side, making a "U" with your upper body.
COVER - quickly bring forearms and fist together in front of your face/torso to protect from an (imaginary) incoming punch. As you do so, you'll feel a standing ab crunch.
KNEE THRUST - Imagine grabbing someone's shoulders and giving them a firm knee in the you-know-what. Yeah, that move...

Have you ever done a BOXING workout?
Did you like it?


  1. At least they went with you! It may not have ended pretty, but they tried! I can't get my kids off the couch!

  2. I've never done it, but it sounds like a great way to blow off some steam and get a good workout.


  3. This sounds fantastic, I love making to do lists and always try to be organised. A great tip thank you. xxx
    fitness ball.


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