Friday, May 6, 2011

Five for Friday!

Jumping on the "Friday Five" bandwagon because... 
(ONE) I missed 3 Things Thursday 
and (TWO) I'm short on time today!!

Good Luck to everyone toeing the line this weekend!  This is my Race Salute to you!!!  You've trained for this... now go kick some booty!  I can't wait to read your recaps next week.  If you're racing this weekend and I miss you, please leave it in a comment!

EMZ @ If I Can't Confuse You...  24 Hour Treadmill charity run for Sojourner Center
Let me just say I think you are freakin' awesome for the work you've put into this event!!

Megan @ On the Road Again - Kalamazoo Half Marathon
Laura @ Luna Chick Runs - Wisconsin Marathon
Jen @ Adventures of Badgergirl - Sole Burner 5K
Jo @ Chronicles of a Chubby Runner - Hippie Chick Half Marathon
Alma @ Avg. Woman's Running Blog - Indy' OneAmerica 500 Half Marathon
Jen @ runner maybe - Kirkland Half Marathon

...everyone running the Peoria Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K with me!
Bekah - running her first 5K!
My Mom - also her first 5K!
My awesome husband!
Elizabeth @ New Mercies

Tomorrow's Race for the Cure marks the end of my four-month fundraising campaign to fight breast cancer (until next January).  I raised $1065 this year, double what I did last year.  Most of it through my Cupcakes4Cure, but also some kind donations.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  If you still find it in your heart to "Save the Tatas", head over to my Race for the Cure page and make a donation!

Totally unrelated to running, but I'm throwing out an extra Salute today to all the military wive!!  They are truly the "force" behind our Armed Forces.  In 1984, Ronald Reagan declared the Friday before Mother's Day as the official Military Spouses Day.  As an Air Force family, I know it's not always easy, but definitely an honorable job to stand behind your man. Kudos to all!

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  1. Thanks for the shout Jess, but the Green Bay half is next weekend! I'm doing the Sole Burner 5K, which benefits the American Cancer Society, this weekend.

    Good luck with your race this weekend! And the race director gig? So cool.

  2. I wish the Green Bay was this weekend! I am so anxious for it. I am gonna take your good luck through my taper week though, so thank you! :)

    Finding you on DM now...

  3. Whoops on the GB Half! I jumped "the gun"!! LOL

  4. Very cool about the half in Peoria and your involvement!

  5. Good luck in your 5k! I can't even imagine how much work it takes to be a race director. Wow! You go girl!

  6. Thanks so much for the well wishes Jess. I do appreciate it! Good luck to you this weekend too! I think I'll just stick to running IN the races for now!

  7. Thanks for the wish;s I am freaked out - but I will cross that finish line.

  8. Have fun at the Race for the Cure! It sounds like you're becoming one VERY busy lady with your new position.

  9. I was surprised to see #4. I am a military spouse :0) I am your new follower btw. You have a really great blog.

  10. good luck with your race! and I second your shout-out to military spouses! :)

  11. Thanks for the shout out!
    That's so great that you're helping to organize a race! I think it would definitely be a lot of work - looking forward to hearing about it:)

  12. way to go on helping with the new race! I am not a member of Daily Mile, but am going to join here soon, I keep hearing about it!

  13. Hi, new reader here... love your blog! Good luck with your race!

  14. I'm going to friend you on DM next :)

    I just announce my second virtual run. I know you enjoy them so come sign up!

    Have a great running week, I'm less than 150 miles to 1,000 miles in less than a year.... I'm motivated to run, run, run!


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