Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Humpday Humor

Today is a gorgeous sunny day in central Illinois.  Running temps are perfect in the mid-60's... and of course, my hubby is working until 10pm tonight.  Looks like it's going to be a strength run for me today with the kiddos in the double jogger.  RuN HaPpY!

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Bahahaha... I posted this and just realized it's not Wednesday (humpday) yet!!
O'dear, I'm one day ahead of myself!  Hilarious!


  1. love the cartoon and the enthusiasm for hump day!

    voted for you, too.

  2. That happens. I get mixed up on my days too.Great cartoon

  3. I think the fact that it's not even Wednesday makes the humor that much better! Love it!

  4. That comic is funny! And I'm jealous of your nice weather!

  5. ha! We runners are a silly breed eh?! Enjoy the beautiful weather in IL and yes, I voted for you!!

  6. Great comic! And I've definitely already veered over the the site and voted for ya'! Best of luck!


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