Monday, May 2, 2011

Shopping for MOM

Children make the best cheerleaders!  Sometimes I think
they are more excited for my races than me.
Big Girl reminded me this morning that Mother's Day is only "six sleeps" away.  She asks, "So Mom, what are you hoping to get for Mother's Day this year?"

I tell her, "I've got everything I need right here."

She laughs.  "No really Mom, I want to buy you something."

So in fear of getting more cupcake and cookie pans, I indulged her with a splattering of ideas for this runner mommy.  Feel free to share this list with your husband if you think he needs a little direction...

RUNNER JEWELRY is always a nice gift for the runner mom.  Even while we're building PB&J sandwiches or coloring with crayons, our next run is in the back of our minds.  One finger-touch to a runner girl necklace is a quick reminder that our time on the road is never far away.
Find these necklace charms at Lift Your Sole.
"Run like a Mother" necklace found at The Silver Maple.

INSPIRATION DECOR reminds us why we run, how much we love it, and what a better person it makes us.  Just one look at a motivational sign can make us tie up the sneakers and sneak out...
Find this oval wooden sign and many other designs at Gone For A Run.

NEW READING MATERIAL is like food for a momma's "sole".  There are so many good running books out right now for women... or how about a new magazine subscription?  Reading before bed makes it one step easier to get up for that early morning run.

A GOOD MASSAGE doesn't have to cost a fortune.  These days, I'd even take one of those "Good for one Massage" coupons.  You know the kind you exchanged with your husband back in the newlywed days.  From our back down to our feet, runner moms could really use a massage this time of year as we finish our spring races.  Of course, this needs to come with one of those "Free Babysitting" coupons too...

SPORTY GEAR is always on a momma runner's wish list.  While you can go the easy route and just pick up a gift card at the local running store, it's a much more personal touch when the new gear is mommy-featured and wrapped up in a pretty bow.
This shirt and others like it can be found at Another Mother Runner's store.
"Marathon Mommy: 26.2 Miles of peace & quiet" shirt found at

HEADBANDS combine fitness and fashion perfectly for the mom who still wants to look like a diva on the run.  Bondi Band has a special "Mom Sale" happening now... check it out for only $5 each!  At that price, every kid can pick one out for mom!

When it comes to a runner mom, the words "I have no idea what to get you"
should never come out of Daddy's mouth... 
Happy early Mother's Day to all you mother runners!


  1. Great post idea! I just purchased my step-daughter a runner necklace from Lift Your Soul. They have some really great stuff!

  2. I can't wait to get my book from you! Great Mother's Day gift idea.

  3. I will be emailing this post to my family :P

  4. Cute ideas! My friend got me a gift certificate to BondiBand for my birthday and I love them!

  5. Those are great gift ideas for runner moms! Great post!

  6. Cool idea! Although I think my list would simply be Massage, massage, massage! Haha. Well timed.

  7. Great post! Perhaps I will just email your link to the hubby!. Did you update your background? I like it! Its groovy!

  8. Great list! Will definitely leave this page open on my computer.

    Winks & Smiles,

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