Friday, June 17, 2011

Race Week in Peoria!

It's been an exciting and busy race week here in Peoria.  On Saturday, my town hosts the annual Steamboat Classic 4 mile and 15K race, which is the biggest race event Peoria hosts.  I've been involved in the race's training program Building Steam for the past eleven weeks, and it has been so rewarding!  I've made some great new running friendships and had the pleasure to watch our team grow through the weeks.  I'm so excited to see them all cross the finish line on Saturday.

I will be running the 4 mile course, which holds all the World Records for that distance here.  Can you say FAST?!?!  I'm always excited for a race, but this one has had me pumped up all week!  My goal is to get under 36 minutes.

On Wednesday night, our 10:00 min pace group had our last training run together, followed by the stuffing of 5000 goodie bags.  Last night, the Race Committee hosted a happy hour and dinner for all the training leaders, sponsors and dignitaries.  The energy in the beer garden was high and fun to be a part of!

The most exciting part for me was the arrival of elites.  We were introduced to Tim Broe, who serves as the race Elite Recruiter.  Broe, originally from East Peoria, IL, had a great career as a US distance runner including an Olympic finalist in the 5K, 12-time US National Champ, and a 12-time NCAA All-American.  His PR's... 3:58 mile, 7:39 3K and a 13:11 5K.  Seriously?  An honor to meet him and be in the same beer garden as him!

During dinner, I was lucky enough to get a table by the window overlooking the beer garden.  As the night unfolded, elite after elite continued to arrive.  Honest, I'm not a stalker, but it was cool to watch them reunite... they have a club of their own.  But even they are not above the invite of free beer!

This pink color is called Hottie,
but I'll be wearing the Turtle Blue.
Ok... so I still haven't figured out my outfit for Saturday's race. Lately none of my running tank tops seem to be fitting right.  My old favorites have gotten too loose.   (And too much fabric hanging under the arms equals chaffing, my friends).  I've picked up some new ones, but I'm not a fan of the slender cut through the core that seems to be the style this year.  So yesterday, I stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods to see if they had anything new.  By-golly!!  They rolled out a TON of tank tops since my last visit... by far the biggest selection in the relaxed fit style I've seen in local stores.

I tried on at least 20... and fell in love with the style and comfort of Reebok's Play Dry Core Run Sleeveless.  It's super lightweight for summer running.  It's contours to your body shaped, yet is relaxed that it's not showing every tummy roll.  The Play Dry fabric promises to move moisture away from your skin, accelerate evaporation, increase ventilation and reduce chaffing.  Winner!  Dick's had a 20% sale so I bought four. Then immediately took one out for a test run...  6 miles on the trail in 85 degree sun.  Comfortable + no chaffing.  I highly recommend!

So I think I found my race shirt for the Steamboat race, sponsored by none other than Reebok!  Perfect fit, wouldn't you say?

Today I work a couple hours at the expo for packet pickup, but more importantly, rest up my legs to KICK SOME BOOTY tomorrow!

Are you racing this weekend?  Good Luck!!


  1. GOOD LUCK tomorrow! I know you will be speedy and beat your goal time! Also, I love the looks of that tank.

  2. Good Luck tomorrow. You are going to kick some butt at the race. Reach for the stars

  3. Good luck tomorrow!!! I just know you are going to rock it!!!

  4. Good luck this weekened! How cool to run on that fast course!

  5. Good luck at the race tomorrow! I look forward to reading your report.

  6. Have a great time at the race and good luck! I hope everyone on your running team has a great experience too!

  7. oh i've never done a 4 miler, that sounds like a fun race! love that you did it with a group too because you're right the friends from running groups are so wonderful.

    body glide pretty much makes it possible for me to race in almost anything at this point

  8. Hope that race goes super fast for you!

  9. Have fun! I have a half tomorrow morning!

  10. Good luck & have fun tomorrow!


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