Thursday, August 4, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1.  BROKEN... but not defeated.  This last month has been challenging.  The outrageous heat and humidity have really gotten to me, day in and day out.  Finally the Midwest is getting a break.  I woke this morning to 66˚ at 5am.  I think it may be the first time our low was in the 60's since maybe June.  It made for a heavenly 6.5 mile run, reminding me of all the reasons I love to run so much.

RIP little guy.  You've been an
awesome running partner!
My run in the thunderstorm last Friday killed my beloved pink ipod.  It will take a charge, but won't play the music.  I'm heartbroken.  That little thing has been with me in every single race since I started running two years ago.  I have other options (my nano or my iphone), but I'm really attached to that little guy... It's so hard to say good bye.  :(

Another trusty companion, the treadmill in my cool basement has gone down once again.  I forked out over $600 in repairs on the monster this past spring.  I was hoping it would carry us another couple years.  So many things to save up for lately, I have a feeling it may not get replaced or fixed.  :(

2.  DECISIONS.  I really want to nail a sub-2 half marathon before the year ends.  I've waffled all over the place on which one to do.  Nothing seems perfect... date conflicts, hills, too expensive, blah, blah... But I'm 95% sure that the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 5 will be "the one" for me.  It's flat as a pancake, cool weather and I've read great reviews on it.  It will add another state to my list.  Plus one of my BFF's just relocated to Indy, so it will hopefully provide me an opportunity to catch up with her too.  The only downfall is my hubby can't come... but my momma can!

Psst... Are there any Indiana bloggers out there?!

3.  DO IT ALREADY!  Step outside your comfort zone this month... and into the air conditioned gym.  Join the August SPIN® CHALLENGE!!  Sign up here.  Free to join & prizes to win!  I really want to hear some newbies tackling their first Spinning® class.  Stay tuned... next week I'll have more posts to "convince you" that Spinning® really is the best cross-train ever for runners!


  1. I'm sorry you have so many "brokens" right now. Poor pitiful ipod and treadmill. Eek. :(
    I love spinning! Next week starts my spinning back up. cannot wait!

  2. I am nervous about taking a spinning class. I know I should just sign up, but I am not sure about it!

  3. FYI on the IPOD. I've gotten a new shuffle every year for the past 4. Rain or tons of sweat will kill it. I've always gotten the warranty when purchasing in-store at Best Buy. I have never had to pay for a new one, because it inevitable breaks before the warranty ends. Also, the new shuffles are always cheaper so you can get the same thing with store credit for any difference in the cost.

  4. What if you try putting the ipod in a bowl of rice? Did it with my phone! My biggest advice with breaking 2 hours....keep a pace and stick with it!!!

  5. Sure hoping everything can be fixed or replaced. SO Glad you had a great run!!!

  6. I got a new iPod, but am still attached to my little Shuffle as well. I hear you about trusty "friends" that have stuck by you for so many miles.

    I'm so excited for you half in November. It's time for that sub 2.

  7. I took a spinning class once. Does that count?

    And I loved my little pink shuffle until it was replaced by my Nano touch. Maybe the rice thing will do the trick.

  8. I had the same pink shuffle and mine fell to the death from excessive sweat in the summer. I ended up switching to a nano and I like it but I will always miss my shuffle!

    I take spin from time to time and I love it.

    Good luck going for that sub 2 half!

    Also, I sent you an email about being my Thumbs Up Thursday this week...hoping you got it!!


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