Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thirteen for Thursday

Sorry, I've been a horrible blogger this week.  To bring you up to speed, the typical "Three for Thursday" just won't do... so here's to Lucky 13, short and sweet!

1.  My first born, aka Big Girl, turned 5 years old this week!  Oh, dear, where are the days, weeks, years going?!  I get really emotional around my children's birthdays.  There is so much I want to do with them in these early years, and never enough time (or energy!)

2.  We went camping this past weekend to celebrate Big Girl's birthday.  Friends and family joined us to make it a pretty special weekend... and of course Yogi Bear too!

3.  While camping, I rolled out of the camper at 5:30am and got my long run done.  The plan was 16; however, I went 17.5 miles.  I had some stomach issues on the back half of the run (bad fueling the night before, I know better!), but the legs felt great.  It was a much-need confidence boost on the ole psych.

4.  The days are getting shorter... which means DARK mornings.  I don't mind a little darkness, but when the entire hour is run in the dark... well, it's just not a whole lot of fun.  The flip side is that I'm getting really comfortable running without music.  (I can't forgo ALL my senses on the run... so I ditch the ipod on the dark runs.)

5.  Big Girl started Kindergarten! I thought I'd be a total mess on the first day, but instead I was pretty excited.  She was beaming from ear to ear, so eager to jump on that bus!  Unfortunately, Little Girl has not dealt with her big sister's sudden absence so well.  She cries every morning as the bus pulls away...

6.  I'm only 30 days out from my first marathon!!  Holy smokes!  Again, where has the summer gone?  In week 12 of training, I'm finding it hard to stay focused (especially with so many other things going on in life!)

7.  Yesterday, I set a new record for my longest STROLLER run ever.  Pushing that thing is no joke, and yesterday, Little Girl and I went 7.5 miles.  By time we were done, it had already hit 90 degrees.  I don't have to tell you I was sweating hard!

8.  Maybe I missed my calling as an interior designer?!?  This week, I went crazy and remodeled Big Girl's bedroom.  I've been promising a "rock star" room for months now.  So we locked her bedroom door this weekend and on her birthday was the big reveal.  She was beyond thrilled with the outcome...

9.  A new section of a run/bike trail opened up here in Peoria.  As a runner, you know how exciting this is!!  Can you say sweet smooth pavement with no traffic interruption?!?!  Yesterday morning I checked out one portion, and another part in the evening.  And this weekend for my final 20 miler, I'll be putting them all together!  I'm kinda excited for my last 20 miler... Taper, here I come!

10.  I just registered to run a Half Marathon Relay on Sept. 10.  I would have done the whole Half myself, but it's 2 weeks before my marathon... I was afraid the hilly course would burn up my legs.  Did you hear that... me doing a HILLY race!  My friend Toby and I are both Libras on the zodiac, so we're calling ourselves the "Lightning Libras!"  The race is put on by the local running club... which means small in number, lower entry fee, nicer perks like a hooded sweatshirt and a potluck picnic afterwards.  Sounded like too much fun to pass up.

11.  Good Luck to all the Hood-to-Coast runners!!  Especially the nuun blogger teams.  I'm excited to follow their progress this weekend and of course, all the race recaps to follow.

12.  I'm getting close to finalizing my race outfit for the marathon.  You should know that this is almost just as important as the actual run training!  This should give you a little bit of a hint...

13.  How are you doing on the August Spin® Challenge?  If you're a Spin® Virgin, you still have time to sneak in your first class and grab a prize!  More details here.


  1. Your daughter's room is AWESOME! She's lucky to have such a creative mama. Seeing the pictures of your big girl getting on the bus make me realize how quickly my boys are growing up... scary and exciting!

  2. I SO miss the paved trails in and around Peoria... we don't have trails like that here in El Paso, at least not that I've found.

  3. Welcome back! I love to run in the dark, I feel to invincible...
    Awesome cake, just awesomed. Adopt me...

    I became a Spinstar today. That's right, 6 classes this month. So proud of myself!

  4. i love big girls room and the cake - love it.

    Right now I am Right now I am a Rookie for SPIN I have 2 class for August, but plan to go Friday morning before we head out of town and then again Wednesday the most I can get is 4 for August, but that is more then the past months.

  5. Oh congrats to your Big girl on heading off to school. you did an awesome job decorating her room!

  6. Doing well with my spinning! Mixed this week's class because we were out of town...maybe I can catch a class Friday :)

  7. Let me know how you like the new trail in Peoria (and any advice on the best place to get in a 4-5 mile). I'll be in town for my cousin's wedding Sept 24th and I'll NEED to get in a run while I'm there! I THINK the trail is pretty close to my aunt & uncle's house (where I'll be staying).

  8. Lily's room is awesome! Will you come decorate my house? I love the doll cake too! I wanted those for every birthday when I was little.

    I will be doing a hilly half as my last long run next weekend. Hopefully it's not a dumb idea! The relay sounds like a great option!

    Oh and your race outfit! I am guessing someone will be rooting for my PACKERS! Whoop whoop!! (I need to run my marathon fast so I can watch the rest of the game that day. Bad planning on my part!)

  9. Wow, so much going on! You have some serious skill decorating that bedroom, it's perfect!

  10. Love the doll cake. My sister had one when she was little. That room is amazing. Interior DESIGNER IS YOUR CALLING GIRL. You are so lucky to have a trail close to your home. I would love that. Some drivers are dangerous out there.

  11. I like your "13." Love the rockin' room! I can't even think about my little going to kindergarden. Even though I go to work and don't see him 4 days/week for a while, it will still be hard to think of him going to school !!

  12. lots happening with you! Ah, we LOVE yogi bear/jellystone around here :) SO impressed that you did 17.5 miles while camping! WOW! Good luck on the marathon and getting through a whole week of your baby in kinder! I'll have to do that next year :(

  13. I LOVE the redo on the bedroom! I'm painting my daughter's new room this weekend (lots of pink) but nothing quite as creative as you.
    Well done!

  14. Oh, I hate running in the dark...I'm actually pretty afraid to run in the dark, but if I don't get my run in the morning, it doesn't get done.
    Love the new room! You should be a designer!!

  15. Awesome post!!

    As a fellow Wisconsinite (or... former Wisconsinite), I can't wait to see more details on the CHEESY-THEMED Attire!!


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