Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Obstacles & Distractions

OBSTACLES... Thumbs Down! 
You know I kinda dig obstacle races (see here), but not before I even start running.  Last weekend, the challenge was just making the long run happen...
Running it was the easy part.

• The muscles had been sore in my legs all week.  An oddly long recovery from the previous week's 18, plus a encounter with TurboFire gave me some unwelcome shin splints.  I lightened up the miles during the week in order to hit my Saturday long run.

• The first weekend of every month is Guard weekend... that means my military hubby has to work 12 days in a row.  It's rough on our little family, and makes fitting in my long run really difficult.

•  Scheduled babysitter cancels the day before my long run... making me frantically call around for options.  Seriously people, you don't get it... I really NEED to run!  I literally break down crying because I'm so stressed over it.  Thankfully, my neighbor down the street offers to watch the kids at the crazy hour of 6:30am.

• My car breaks down on Friday.  The girls and I come out of the gym and ... nothing.  Starter is completely shot.  Again, mommy breakdown in the parking lot.  Thankfully, a mechanical co-worker of my hubby's comes to the rescue, replaces the starter and has me up and running by dinnertime.

• Did I mention my beloved ipod shuffle died from rain damage?  No problem, I have my new nano that I never use.  After a day of charging, nothing.  That one is down for the count too.  I have no problem running without music, but last week's 18 sucked without it.  By now, my hubby will do about anything to get me to stop crying... He offers up his ipod... reset, erase and load my playlist on it.  Lifesaver!  (A new ipod is ordered and on its way...)

Once I got out for my long run Saturday morning, my luck turned around.  (Ok, not entirely, I forgot my SportShield and ended with some nasty underarm chaffe!)   I breezed through the first 10 miles, picked up my friend Anna who joined me for 6, and then capped off the run with another 3+change.
19.1 miles   |   3:35   |   11:05 pace

This week the weather forecast is perfect for running.  Temps in the low 60's every morning.... and a RACE on my horizon!  The Chicago Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon is only 5 days away!!  I won a free entry into this race, and the 13 mile run fit perfectly into my marathon training plan.  Honestly, I haven't thought about it much... August is typically brutal hot in Chicago and I thought for sure it would get black-flagged.  Weather is looking perfect (for a PR) and now I find myself wishing I had done more speed intervals the past couple weeks.

During my early run this morning, I felt myself getting pumped up about the race.  More importantly, I'm super excited for a mini vacation to Chicago with my family!!  We love that city and together-time is needed for us before the chaos of school starts.

Does your training ever stress you out?
What do you use as a "distraction"?
Have you signed up for the Spin® Challenge yet??


  1. Good luck in Chicago! PRs have a way of surprising people sometimes, don't ya know.

  2. Last year training for my first marathon was stressful. We started harvest in late september and I was having to get up pretty early to get the LR in and get to the field. It was worth all the stress I went through to.

    Good Luck this weekend.

  3. Lots of luck for Chicago!!
    So sorry to hear about all the stress you've had to deal with. Sure hope things are definitely looking up!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of ob-stack-uhls (I can't help but say it like in Oh Brother Where Art Though). It's probably just the Universe's way of preparing you mentally, though. You so got this.

    Have fun at the half!

  5. Great job on that long run! Your Chicago RNR run will be great. Sometimes, it's really nice just going in with no expectations, just go and have some fun!

  6. I swear everytime I read your blog I FIND MOTIVATION!!! Good luck and great job on the long run :)

  7. Looking forward to hearing about your awesome race :)

  8. Have SO much fun in Chicago!!! I bet you are going to do awesome. :) Sorry about the rough week and all the obstacles. Hang in there. Hugs!

  9. It was so fun to run with you, lets do it again!


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