Friday, February 24, 2012

Five for Friday!!!

1 - Myrtle Beach Afterthoughts
I have such happy memories of my half-marathon last Saturday.  Is it possible a runner's high can last this long?  (Miss the race recap? Check it out here.)  Surprisingly, my legs have made great recovery after a smashing PR run.  I noticed the most soreness in my hips and the sides of my core.  Funny, those spots haven't been issues for me in the past.  My leg muscles felt nothing more than a good interval beating.  I gave my body one day of rest and I've been running every day since Monday. Who-Ya!

There are very few races that I wish to repeat.  I know some runners find comfort in running the same familiar races year after year... but I'm different in that aspect I guess.  I treat marathons as 'vacations' and like to run different events each year for a new experience.  Plus my lifetime goal is to run at least 1 race in each of the 50 states before I die (and a couple international would be cool too!).  My hubby and I both like to travel, so I'm hoping this will also keep us active as we creep up on our 50's.  With all that being said... I would repeat the Myrtle Beach Marathon.  I hope that stresses just how highly I recommend the event.  Race organization was top-notch, great course with minimal crowding, and fun after-parties (one immediately after the race and another later that evening!).  Spectator support was perfect without fans crowding into the race lanes.  And important for us techies, there was good pre-race communication through email and FB updates.

2 - Vacation Weight
After my weigh-in last week, I relaxed a bit on my diet.  First was the slight carbo-load that was necessary to fuel my PR run.  I didn't go overboard, but I certainly ate more grain carbs than my diet has been used to lately.  Secondly, I was vacation and had some celebrating to do!  Add alcohol, appetizers and desserts... I came back from vacation +6 lbs.  Ugh.  After my Ash Wednesday fast of water and tea, I dropped 2 of those extra pounds.  This week will be a battle to get back to even.

3 - Next Up
I'm totally running this one
for the cool medal!
As soon as I crossed the finish line on Saturday, I immediately starting thinking, "So now what am I capable of in the full marathon?"  My spring race schedule has a variety of races, but my next 'A' race is the Wisconsin Marathon on May 5 in Kenosha, WI.  I'm excited to start building my endurance again... I'm actually looking forward to 18 this weekend!  I have several friends who are also doing spring marathons so I actually have training partners this time around.

4 - Predictions
With a 1:58 half on the books, I'm now curious what the "experts" say I can do with 26.2.  I went to all my usual sources and here's what they told me I could expect to achieve...
MarathonGuide... 4:07
McMillan Running... 4:09
Run Less Run Faster... 4:08
Hmmm, looks like a sub-4:10, huh?  I was kinda kicking around a 4:20-4:30 goal for the marathon.  Perhaps I need to adjust that and push myself a bit more?  Today I'm back to weekly Yasso 800's, another good race prediction exercise.  More on the Yasso's next week...

5 - Dirty Girl Winner!!
With nearly 300 entries in the Dirty Girl race entry sweepstakes, you've all proven that there's a dirty side in all of us!  I'm still undecided on whether I'm going to do the Indianapolis (May 12) or Wisconsin (Aug. 19).  Any of you signed up for either of these?  I'd love to run with you!

The Dirty Girl winner is....
Amy Mcteague-Danielski
Please email me at to claim your free race entry!

Didn't win? You can still sign up at!


  1. You bounced back FAST from your PR. Very impressive, missy! I didn't PR and waited two days to spin and 3 to run again this week. Travel plus a race is really a butt kicker.

    So, do you lose weight fast and gain it fast too? Is that typical for you? Way to get back on it and drop 2 pounds right away...

    Will you do the Myrtle Beach Half again or just the full?

  2. Very cool, congrats on your new half PR and good luck at your next race!!

  3. Awesome PR! That's just great! You'll totally rock your marathons this year too! I am sorry I missed that giveaway - sounds cool!

  4. Congrats to you! New here, and just wanted to let you know I am retired AF, and my husband is Army, so I understand the military life all too well! Glad I stumbled upon your blog!!

  5. Good to know that you recommend the race! I've never been to Myrtle Beach but my husband used to go all the time when he was younger and I'm sure he would love to go back!

    You've got this sub-4:10 marathon!

  6. That is a cute medal indeed! I'm planning the races in all 50 states as well. It doesn't matter which distance, as long as I get a medal :)

  7. Congrats again your PR! Yes, it is possible to have a runner's high that last that long! That is how I felt about finishing Ragnar DC last year!

    Good luck on your next race! Which full marathon training plan are you following?

  8. nice job getting back at it! Vacation pounds are worth it! Don't worry, you'll take it off soon!

  9. I'm sure those last 4 lbs will disappear in no time!


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