Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIAW - Endulgences!

My Facebook followers get a daily dose of "what I eat" since I started photo food journaling in January.  See the full photo album here.  In an attempt not to be redundant, I've skipped a couple What I Ate Wednesdays (WIAW).  Upon your request, I bring it back to share my homemade pizza recipe with you!  Enjoy!

Coffee and oatmeal with extra raisins, strawberries and walnuts. 
High protein and carbs to fuel a morning swim & spin workout.
225 calories
Tuna wrap with 1/2 apple and veggie straws
355 calories
{afternoon snack}
coffee and a Skinny Cow chocolate bar - 115 calories
Homemade pizza with a salad - 380 calories
{evening snack}
Not pictured: a Fudgsicle sugar-free bar. 40 calories

Daily Total: 1115 calories

One of the hardest parts of dieting for me is missing out on Friday Night Pizza, kind of a tradition in our house. A couple weeks ago, I decided to create my own, as low-cal as I could go.  I've made it three times since - it's that good.  Plus it's a fun activity for the kids to get in the kitchen and create our dinner together.  My kids love to cook with me.

Flatout Flatbread (Multi-grain w/Flax)
Ragu Pizza Sauce (Homemade style)
Finely shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Hormel Turkey Pepperoni
Chopped Red Onion
Diced Fresh Roma Tomato
Fresh Spinach Leaves

• Preheat oven to 425˚.  Line a cookie sheet with tin foil (helps make the crust crispy).
• Spread 1/4 cup pizza sauce onto flatbread.  
• Measure out 1/3 cup mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle half of it onto of sauce.
• Top the pizza with 9 slices of turkey pepperoni, a heaping tablespoon of red onion, a handful of diced tomato, and a healthy handful of spinach leaves (I rip them up into smaller pieces).
• Finally top with the remaining mozzarella cheese.  

I let the kids use regular pepperoni and more cheese.
In this one, it looks like I sprinkled on a little cheddar too.

• Bake in oven at 425˚ for about 10 minutes.  Keep an eye on it - I usually don't time it, just pull it out when the sides are crispy and top starts to golden.

• Cool, cut and serve with the side dish of your choice.  I picked a nice salad, while the girls went with oranges and applesauce.

The pizza alone (as measured by the recipe above) is only 260 calories.  Seriously, the WHOLE pizza!  I could live on this!  The salad and dressing added on another 100 calories.

Let me know if you give it a try, your thoughts and any improvisions you make!  
Bon Appetite!


  1. i just started following your blog...not sure how i found it.

    i have been keeping track of my foods for more than a month now, it's very eye opening to say the least.

    i can't imagine getting by on 225 calories for breakfast. can you tell me did you work in the morning. i am not criticizing, just inquiring, i have been eating close to 400-500 calories for breakfast-typically oatmeal, fruit and a small amount of granola or peanut butter. on days i lift, i can get by by adding a cup of chocolate milk but on running days (6-8 miles before 630am) i really am starving when i get home.

    1. I never used to eat breakfast at all, so a bowl of oatmeal is huge for me! In fact, I actually prefer to eat AFTER my morning workout, but that's not always an option. With a daily budget of 1200 calories, my breakfast can't be anywhere near 500 calories.

  2. I love, love pizzas made on the Flat-Out bread. It's a great way to get a lot of veggies and just use a little cheese and they are great!!

  3. Love the idea of the flatbread pizza - I have used the oopsie rolls as pizza bread and it works pretty well. I can't tolerate red sauce any more so giving up pizza has been easier then I ever thought it would be since whenever I eat it I have terrible acid reflux the rest of the day. 1200 calories a day man women that explains that awesome loss......holding to that takes strenght and determination I am proud that you are doing it!!!

  4. I've used that Flatout as crust before too, when I'm absolutely craving pizza! Yours looks yummy and I'll have to give it a try! Tonight is squash, zucchini and carrots on the skillet-I toss with EVOO and a little garlic and panko breadcrumbs for a crunch, and leftover bean enchiladas...the recipe's on my site and they are pretty yummy too!!! low cal, high fiber/protein and very filling! My entire family LOVES them!

  5. How inspiring. Thanks for putting the calories too. It looks like a lot of food and not a whole lot of calories. Very cool.

    1. That's what I like... LOTS of food, but low on calories!

  6. I need to make that pizza! Pizza so seems like it defines the weekend, is that bad?! Having some delicious pizza and a beer, watching a movie and relaxing on the couch. So what a great way to make that indulgence a lot healthier! Thank you!

  7. That's so much food for so little calories and it looks really good! I will have to try that sometime!

  8. that pizza looks amazing! maybe i'll try it for a superbowl snack! where do you find the flatbreads?


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