Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Show me LOVE

Valentine's Day is less than a week away.  Don't get me wrong, I love flowers. White and pink daisies are my personal favorite.  And oh-boy, I can devour a good box of chocolate... especially if there's a little peanut butter in the center.

Nothing says LOVE like PINK running gear!  
Here's some of my favorites that are perfect for Valentine's Day. Give yourself a little love - or send your man over for some ideas!

Always the place for fashion and function, BondiBand headbands
are my favorite sweat gear.  Available in hundreds of patterns, colors and sayings,
these are an affordable gift when the wallet is slim.
$8 each -or- Buy 3, Get 1 Free with coupon code ONE.
{buy here}

Most runners love a good watch - and pink always makes it cooler in my opinion.
No matter what your budget, there's a watch right for you.  (Note: I love my cheap Casio!)
Left to Right
Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS Watch $185 {buy here}
Soleus Chicked Watch $55 {buy here}
Casio Runner Digital Watch $24 {buy here}

What a fun surprise to find one of these socks wrapped up inside your running shoe?!?!

Left to Right
Hearts Print Knee High Socks $11 {buy here}
Stripped Red/Pink Knee High Socks $7 {buy here}
Pink Cheetah Animal Print Knee High Socks $8 {buy here}
Key to My Heart Knee High Socks $10 {buy here}
Run Love Compression Socks in Haute Pink $32 {buy here}

The best way to feel feminine on the run is to sport a cute running skirt!
This one from SparkleSkirts has Valentine's Day written all over it!
Neon Luv SparkleTech Skirt $64 {buy here}

Every girl needs a pair of PINK shoes in her run wardrobe,
and these stability shoes will treat your sweet feet.
Saucony ProGride Guide 5  $100  {buy here}

• • •

What do you and your significant other normally do for Valentine's Day?
Do you go all out? or just a special card sealed with a kiss?


  1. Very Fun Ideas , Love it and Love Pink!! I Can't get enought of it! We are Trying to figure out our outfits for the Warrior dash. I'm really liking those cheeta socks and matching band!!

  2. You have some great ideas here for sure. Since my birthday is 2 weeks after Valentine's Day - I've always told the hubby to just save up for my birthday. I know, pathetic.

  3. Jess, I looove valentines, so I'm lovin' this post! But I have a question, how do you determine which knee socks are "runnable"? Do you rock any or all or just running specific? Only compression? I'd love to try some knee highs but don't want to dish put 30+ bucks thanks!!!

    1. If it's just a 3-4 mile run, any knee high socks work for me. In winter, I usually put a pair of "quality" socks on first and then the fashion socks overtop. On long runs of 9+ miles, I go with compression socks... not as many styles out there, but I do have pink! :)

  4. Love the gift ideas! We normally stay in and do something low key and this year should be no different!

  5. I want those Saucony's! I would look lovely in them. Can't believe that the forerunner 110 is now $185!? When I bought mine, when it first came out, it was $249 I think. Guess that's what I get for buying a product when it first comes out.

  6. I want that pink garmin!! We usually do cards and dinner, but dinner not usually on Valentine's day, the weekend before or after.

  7. I have the pink Garmin and I will say the pink was what drew me to it!! We usually cook for each other but this year with the hubby in competition mode I'm not sure what we'll do. I'm getting him a Omron HR monitor so he can push it on his cardio! Plus it's for his heart....yeah valentine's day...Love the socks and the skirt!!

  8. All this stuff looks fabulous. In day to day life I'm not very girly girl but I like pink running stuff. I am on the hunt for some pink compression socks!

    1. I bought this 2-pk of compression socks a year ago and absolutely LOVE them! Knee high + regular size for under $40 = a good deal!

  9. I bought today the Saucony ProGride Guide 5, but didn't know they had them in pink!!! I got bright yellow and pruple and love them :)


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