Monday, March 19, 2012

Book Review: My Life on the Run

I love to read at night, right before I fall asleep.  I'm kinda a busy bee with my mind locked in high gear, so reading helps to calm me down. (melatonin helps too).  It seems the only books I read these days are running books.  I have a tower of them by my bed.

Last September while wandering around the Quad Cities Marathon expo, I picked up My Life on the Run.  The book's author Bart Yasso was actually there at the event.  I chatted with him briefly and he autographed my book.  Later that night, Bart Yasso was the keynote speaker for the race pasta dinner.  It was the only race dinner I've actually ever gone to and so glad I did.  Bart is an extremely entertaining and personable guy.

I took my time reading My Life on the Run over the past six months.  Each chapter reads like a mini story, retelling one of Bart's adventures. I love this setup in a book - I can read one chapter and put the book aside.  As a busy mom, I don't always have time to return to books as often as I'd like.  

Fondly referred to as the "Mayor of Running," Bart has run over 1,000 competitive races all over the world. From his troublesome beginnings to his exciting run-in with a rhinoceros, his witty recounts will make you laugh and appreciate the sheer joy that is running.  I read with disbelief as he conquered the Badwater Ultra.  Literally, I think my mouth was agape the entire chapter.  I was fascinated with Bart's 3,000 mile bicycle journey from California to New York.  In fact, I kinda blame that chapter on my urge to start riding (hello triathlons!). Just when you think the guy can do it all, your heart aches for his crippling fight with lyme disease that nearly took his life.

After 30 years of running, the man knows his stuff. Luckily for us, he shares his seasoned findings as the Chief Running Officer for the magazine Running World.  He's responsible for the marathon training equation and interval workout dubbed the Yasso 800's.  (Read about my Yasso 800's here.)  In My Life on the Run, he explains how the Yasso 800's came to fruition.  In the final part of the book, Bart also provides training schedules and practical advice for runners of all levels.  I find his style very down-to-earth.  I think it would be hard for anyone NOT to like Bart Yasso.
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Thanks Bart!


  1. I'm loving the running book tower!

  2. I just signed up for the race. I can't remember if I did already or not, so sorry if I doubled up:) I really want this book! I have heard so many great things about it and I always love a little inspiration:)

  3. Very cool! I need to head over and sign up for the race! I'd love to read the book, too!

    Winks & Smiles,

  4. Very cool!! Whether I win or not I need to check out this book! I have been doing Yasso's 800's for the past 2 years and they work!

  5. I finished his book last month! Loved it! So inspiring!!!

  6. He wrote the same thing in my book. LOL I loved the book as well. Very humerous. I've never done his 800s. Yet.

  7. I haven't read that book, but I did use the Yasso 800 method when I was training for my marathon and it was very effective. I was trying for 4 hours, and I got 4:08. Thanks Bart!

  8. Love your book tower. I have been planning to read a bunch of running books, love them. Jade Rabbit is a great fiction book about reading, I really loved it.

  9. Love all the titles. I also love to read and have been reading alot of running books. My current book is "Run with God" by Berry Simpson. He is a great writer. Funny and insightful.


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