Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Perfect Day

Yesterday was my version of a perfect day.  I woke up early and got my morning mommy duties done with plenty of time and no stress.  With Little Girl in tow, I hit the bike trail by 8am for my first ride of the season. I've never pulled the bike trailer for any real distance, especially not up any hills.  When we take family rides, my hubby usually took on the duty of pulling the girls.  Not this summer.  I'm feeling pretty strong these days!

The night before, my helpful hubby got the my bike and trailer down from storage, filled up the tires and packed them in the mini van for me. When I hooked up the trailer, Little Girl eagerly jumped in with her mess of belongings... two baby dolls, Leapster game, Barbie computer, her camera, a container of snacks and a little water bottle.

It was a gorgeous morning, sunny and already over 70˚ by 8:00 am. This is amazing Midwest weather for March!  Biking with the trailer was definitely different.  It's like constant resistance pulling on your backside.  I was a little worried about making it up some of the hills on the trail, but my Spinning training paid off.  I lowered the gear and pedaled up those hills with a nice slow consistency. Of course, I had the encouragement from behind... "Faster Mommy Faster!"  We ended up biking a little over 15 miles.  It was the perfect way to spend a sunny morning. 

My biking buddy

After a quick lunch and some work, we paid our local library a visit.  I love to browse in libraries!  I could spend all day there.  Unfortunately, I don't usually get much me-time when I bring the kids.  In a stroke of luck, a children's storytime was starting just when we arrived.  So Little Girl spent a 1/2 hour listening to stories, playing games and doing a craft... and I wandered. {smiles}  I found a new running book to read (C.C. Pyle's Amazing Foot Race) and a classic running movie (Chariots of Fire).

In the evening, I got another little escape... with my Sole Sisters!  It was a perfect evening for a run. It had been a hot day, but temps were starting to decline with the sun.  I was so thankful for the breeze once we started to tackle the hills of Bishop and Grandview in Peoria Heights. After a tough 5 mile run, we gathered on the patio of a local bar. It was so fun to kick back with my Sisters, eat, drink and laugh the evening away! Why does beer taste so good after running?
Photo courtesy of Crystal
Perfect post-run fuel, right?

Best of all, I came home to a clean house, sleeping freshly-bathed children and a happy husband.  As I crashed into bed, I couldn't help but thank my lucky stars for what a wonderful life it is.  Ever since I started the 'fit life', every year seems to get better and better. My #1 reason to keep on running...


  1. That sounds like a fantastic day! I may need to get out the bike and hook up the chariot. I have never niked with the twins in the back, but I think I may start this year.

  2. It looks so gorgeous there! I'm so jealous!

  3. Oh wow, what a perfect day. Your time in the library was like a cherry on top! (I love the library too...)

    4" of your snow is sitting in my backyard. Please come and get it.

  4. wow! I am lovin' that post race fuel! What a great day!

  5. What a perfect day! Such blessings:)

  6. Your day sounds absolutley fabulous!

  7. Awesome! Such a wonderful day. Love the pics too!

  8. Sounds like a perfectly amazing day! Glad you got it, you deserve a great day!

  9. That does sound like the perfect day. We are enjoying the wonderful weather here in Wisconsin as well. I think we maybe getting a little spoiled.

  10. My hubby does the same thing with the bike trailer. Holli loves to ride in it and could stay in there for a long time if we could go that far with her sisters on their bikes. lol Great ride and weather!

    Aren't libraries great? I love them. Of course I may be bias because that is what I am going to school for but hey, who's checking?

  11. Awesome job tugging those kiddos along! You are a perfect example of how you can fit your family in with your fitness!


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