Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Jelly Bean Prizes

The Jelly Bean virtual race begins this Sunday... in just 5 days!!  I've heard stories from all around the country of groups gearing up for a fun run with their friends.  That's what the Jelly Bean is all about, so get your crazy outfits ready and call your pals.  Remember, the Jelly Bean is 8 days long, so you have from April 1st through the 8th to complete the virtual race.  Do one event or all four!  Race bibs will go out this week.  Haven't registered yet?  Get signed up here.  

The official shirts came in yesterday and they looked great!  All pre-orders have now been shipped out so keep an eye on your mailbox.  Due to great request, I've reopened the shirt orders for a second printing.  At only $20, these dry-wicking shirts/tanks are a steal!  Order here before Thursday, April 5!

And now, what you've been waiting for... THE PRIZES!!  Sorry for the long post, but I think you'll agree, this is worth it!  Look at all the great prizes below to be awarded during the Jelly Bean virtual race!  Special THANK YOU to these wonderful generous sponsors who believe in the sport of running.  They make virtual races like the Jelly Bean possible and free to participate... so be sure to stop by their websites and patronize when possible.

choice of color/design SparkleTech Skirt from SparkleSkirts

$10 iTunes gift card

ipod shuffle, cap and water bottle from Sexy Mom's Running Club

$35 gift card from Road ID

Sample pack of Aquaphor healing ointment, lip repair and a $50 Visa card

Bob Harper Kettlebell Cardio Shred DVD

Ultimate Hydration Pack from Nuun
(4 pack of nuun, t-shirt and water bottle)

Ballcap, t-shirt and bumper sticker from Tough Chik

Pair of Knuckle Lights

Product assortment from GU Energy

$30 gift card to lululemon

autographed copy of "My Life on the Run" by Bart Yasso

Women's 6-pack of athletic socks & tatoos from Fitsok

Men's 6-pack of athletic socks & tatoos from Fitsok

P.F. Chang's $10 gift card

Men's Reebok sleeveless run shirt

For more details on the Jelly Bean virtual race, click here.
RuN HaPpY!!


  1. Nice job putting together those sponsors. One of those days you should do a post on how you do that :)

  2. This is a great selection of some pretty cool stuff!! Good work!! Can't wait to get running and see who wins.

  3. Wow, those are some great prizes! So excited for this race! Now I have to think of something colorful to wear while I run it:)

  4. Jess, you always do such a great job putting your races together and making them look so professional...a marketing genius!

  5. I hope I win something! :)

  6. Yay! Can't wait. I so want to win something!!!!

  7. oh I can't wait!! love all of your sponsers!

  8. I'm quite excited for this challenge! I've signed myself and my fiance up for the run :)

  9. How exciting, what great prizes! :)

  10. ommmgggg, I TOTALLY want to do this!!! Remind me to sign up!! :)

  11. WOW Jess - I just hosted (ends Friday) my first virtual race and I really learned a lot from you and your JellyBean. I made a lot of mistakes. ....it's hard organizing that many people but I love you, your blog and your jellybean race! I am super excited. I only entered the 5k b/c I'm coming off of a hip injury but I wish everyone the best of luck!


  12. Very nice! I'm very excited about participating in all the events!

  13. This is fabulous. I can't wait to get my T-shirt. They look great. All your work/effort for getting this prizes is super! Can't wait to run!

  14. Yay! These are awesome prizes! I'm so excited to be participating again this year!

  15. You are going to put on a stellar race - look at all those fabulous prizes!

  16. Looking forward to it, and can't wait to get my shirt in the mail!

  17. Wow Jess!.. You've outdone yourself once again.. You've put together a great prize list from great sponsors!.. You are just plain awesome!

  18. Great list of prizes! Can't wait for the race! And I am liking the shirt! Can't wait to try it out for the race!

  19. Great list of prizes! That's awesome! I think I need that shirt too!

  20. Love all the prizes! Thanks for putting this together! Good luck to all of us and happy running!


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