Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm Having An Affair

Dear Running,
It started as a little infatuation, but I can't deny the obvious. It's grown into full fledged LOVE. That craving, that unexplainable high, that calorie burn... you're not the only one who can give it to me anymore. My dearest running, you will always be my first love... but there's another stealing my heart. 

I'm having an affair with Cycling.

Since the Air Force Half Marathon on Sept. 15, I've been holding myself in the "penalty box"... no running to let my little toe heal. (Are you sick of hearing about it? Yeah, me too...)  I have to admit the disabled list has been easier than in the past. Why?  I give full credit to Her Majesty...

When I bought this bike several months ago, I went way over my (hubby-approved) budget.  Just last week, I came clean. The hubs caught me off guard when he asked, "So really... what DID you pay for this bike?" The truth came out and I'm still alive

Once my first triathlon was done, it did not become a dusty item in the garage as my hubby expected. I have kept up my riding. Even when I was running, I felt drawn to take Her Majesty out at least once a week. It sounds so silly, but I seriously feel an emotional attachment to that purple beauty!  She has helped me through this injury more than anything. I might even be sad when I have to trade a long ride for a long run.

Last weekend I brought Her Majesty along to the Quad Cities Marathon. When the kiddos took a nap on Saturday afternoon, I snuck out for an adventure on the Great River Trail. This trail is so bike-o-licious!!  It is nicely paved, minimal cross traffic and goes on forever and ever. I managed 31 miles total (Moline to Port Byron and back), which is my longest bike ride to date. 

The scenery was absolutely stunning along the Mississippi River. When I wasn't right alongside the Mighty Miss, I was gliding over bridges in quaint little parks and campgrounds along the way. Truly the best way to spend a fall afternoon. I was in heaven. I saw runners along the way, but gotta admit, I was happy to be flying along on the bike.

So my running shoes are stacked up neatly.
My hubby's at work. My children at school.
And here I go, sneaking out again... for a bike ride.


  1. CrossFit has become my love affair. i haven't seen running nearly as much as I need to... but those dang heavy weights are so appealing...

  2. I have recently been battling running injuries and have taken up biking and LOVE it too! I love spending an afternoon biking the trails while my kids are at school! :)

  3. I am biking obsessed right now, too. :) I just told Kim ( yesterday that taking care of my children is REALLY cramping my style since all I want to do is ride my bike after work, haha! I absolutely love it!

  4. My bike was my first love and then I found running. Recently I have an injury and the bike kept me on track with my endurance/aerobics.
    I love the feel of the wind, the sounds of the world, and the beautiful sights. You can take a bike where a car wouldn't go.

  5. I used to love biking and then my dearly beloved was stolen, so running became my love again. I do however do the spin bikes at the gym when I need a break from running and then I remember why I loved it in the first place.

  6. I love, love, LOVE my road bike and I think it's so great you are exploring activities you enjoy doing!!! :)

  7. My dh and I are planning a trip to the QC for a bike riding date on ben butterworth :) I can't wait!!

  8. LOL! So happy you love the bike! My issue with the bike is time. I only have so many daylight hours. I haven't been on since they canceled The Great Illini. I needed a break from it anyhow. But I will be back. Just focusing on trying to get back into run shape right now. :o(

  9. How great is this? I finally run a race with you and you turn into a cyclist. Hehe.
    Great name for a bike too. Very creative.

  10. I just dusted off my bike as well!! Yours is quite a beauty!!!

  11. Just think of how many running shoes you aren't wearing out (=less $ on shoes). Also, bikes last forever. I splurged on a road bike in 1993 and she STILL rides as smooth as butter and is as good as new. Does that help?
    Glad you are enjoying your purple beauty :)

  12. Your bike is so pretty! I have a bike that's too small for me that I got for $20...if I end up sticking with biking, I'm allowed to get a new, more expensive bike! I'm glad you stuck with biking!!!

  13. I like biking! But I have the big butt rectangle seat! Hope to get a diff one soon! Think it will be more butt friendly on longer rides! Can't wait to do more! We are talking about going to QC over Thanksgiving weekend, hope it's not too cool for a bike ride!


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