Saturday, September 22, 2012

Live to Run Another Day

This morning we are packing up to travel to the Quad Cities Marathon. We'll hit the race expo to pick up our bags, which always contain the best goodies. For their 15th anniversary this year, runners receive a pair of running gloves, waist pouch and a tech shirt.

The one thing I won't be taking home this year is... a finisher's medal.

The decision to DNS is difficult. The Quad Cities Marathon was my "first" and I was really looking forward to running it again. The beautiful course along the Mississippi River was home to my first 26.2 last fall {read about it here}. A place like that holds a soft spot in a runner's heart, hands down.

As soon as I crossed the finish line of last week's half marathon, I knew that I shouldn't lace up for QCM. Last week was a painful race that only did more damage to my healing toe; however, I still debated the decision to run or not to run all week. I burned my hubby's ear, recalling all the reasons I should sit out, but all the reasons I wanted to run. In the end, I convinced myself the end-goal is more important. (Thanks to all the advice from you, my readers.)  There is no way I can properly prepare for the Route 66 Marathon (Nov) unless I give my toe time to heal. I already feel behind the plan, but there is still time yet... I hope.

So I haven't run all week. In fact, during the past 14 days, I've only run once (the Air Force Half). This makes me feel cranky, depressed and anxious. Every morning, I wake up and wiggle my toes, bend them one way and then the next, hoping that today will be the day that I am miraculously healed overnight. Yeah, that hasn't happened.
Rocking the bike this week

My plan this week has been no running and biking every day. On the bike, I use the mid-forefoot rather than the toes to push off, so it doesn't bother the injury. My legs still get a great workout and I'm able to enjoy this beautiful fall weather. I've logged nearly 50 miles on Her Majesty and snagged a couple Spinning and Core classes at the gym. Honestly, it doesn't feel like enough, but I need to take what I can get at this point. Similar to running, biking along country roads gives me serene quiet time. My repeated silent prayers have kept me focused...
Lord, please give me the
Wisdom to make the right decisions
Strength to overcome
Patience to heal

If you're a runner whose been injured, you surely understand how it can consume your every thought. There is nothing that can make up for the 'missing run' in your life. This weekend, I plan to put it all aside... and lineup as a cheerleader to support my many friends, readers, Sole Sisters, kids and hubby in the Quad Cities Marathon events (5k, half and full).  And just in case I would have the foolish thought to run... the powers that be gave me a horrible head cold today. Perfect.

I will live to run another day.


  1. I had to make a similar decision last month for the Watermelon Stampede (a local 10k) that I had been looking forward to for weeks. It sucked, but my body was just telling me I shouldn't do it if my end goal was my half-marathon.

    I'm right there with you - it took me all week to decide not to do it and people were probably tired of it.

    But you know what? I made the right decision and so did you. The QCM will be there next year.

  2. THinking of you and praying it heals fast for you!! You are making th eright choices though for sure!! Your an inspiration!! Even in tough times!! Sending you lots of healing powers!!

  3. What an amazing attitude you have! I know it was a hard decision, but you're right... you will run again :-) Sending thoughts and prayers your way for an overnight recovery... hey, it could happen!

  4. This is a perfectly timed post for me. I strained my lat while running on Thursday and I am really struggling with it. I want to run so badly, I have been on point with my marathon training so far. I am struggling between knowing I have to wait until it heals to run and knowing that I have a schedule I should be sticking to. I know its not a race I am missing but being that this is my first marathon, I feel like missing these training runs could really cause problems for me.

    I hope you feel better soon! It has to be hard to be restricted with the running, hopefully you are at least able to get some good cross training in. (Anyone have any suggestions for cross training I could do with a strained lat?)

  5. I was supposed to be running the Denver Marathon this morning. I'm waiting to get in for an MRI on my hip to make sure there isn't a break in it before I get back to running. I passed on this race as well because I too am signed up for the Route 66 Half and I so want to do that race!

    Went to friend's house last night and had beer & bonfire night to get my mind off things. Gotta love friends who understand and help you get through things. See you in Tulsa!

  6. I needed to read this. I've developed runner's knee and I know I need to rest. I know I need to take time off. I don't want to. Every part of me is dying to run. I've cheated twice this week because I feel like I just can't not do something.

    You're making the right decision, no matter what your head and your heart are telling you to do - sometimes you have to listen to your body. Treat yourself today!

  7. I've had a few DNS's and they hurt bad. But I think you're doing the right thing Jess. Hang in there and you'll heal quicker... the spin classes and biking are great and you'll see how it all counts towards coming back stronger. Big hugs from across the pond!

  8. The difficult decisions are the hardest to make. That really shows the strength inside you. You're settting a good example for all the runners out there. We love you, Jess!

  9. (((hugs))) I know this well. You did make the right choice (albeit a tough one.) Healing thoughts for your toe, and peaceful thoughts for your mind.

  10. Yes you will! I know it is hard but I think you made the right choice. Praying that God gives you strength and quick healing.

  11. I'm sorry about this weekend but it is a wise choice. Not easy at all. Been there, it sucks. Enjoy your cheering role, think of it as a way to pay back and pay it forward for all the races you have/will run. I hope your toe shapes up soon.

  12. Good decision for you. I'll be running the full. Number 808!

  13. It's hard but inevitably the right decision, we run for health and the joy of running and thats the way it should be xx

  14. Yes ma'am you will! Proud of you for making the right choice. There's always another race. Were you able to defer? Sure hope so. Heal quickly!

  15. I was out for 2 months last year (August and September) for a blood clot. It was horrible, but if I hadn't stopped, my running would be done for good. Take care of yourself, the race will be there next year.

  16. I broke my toe in March and the Air Force Half was supposed to be my comeback race. I faithfully cross-trained since I couldn't run at all, then was dealt another blow as I was diagnosed with a rare bone disease and was told I may never run again.

    I drove to Dayton (from Indy) just to pick up my AF Marathon goodie bag to give me motivation to heal. I definitely feel your pain and know it's hard to be patient.

    Sending positive thoughts your way :)


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