Monday, September 3, 2012

Living in Runner High Land

I had been a little 'uncontent' with my running lately. Something was missing. So on a whim, I signed up for the Route 66 Marathon (in 11 weeks) on Nov. 18.  Just as I thought, it has bounced me back into Runner High Land.  I love living there...

I quickly put together a training plan {see here} that takes into account all the other races I have already committed myself. Luckily, everything seemed to fall into place perfectly on the calendar.

Today was week one of vamping up the mileage on the long run. I have several friends training for marathons in Sept/Oct and today was their big 20 miler.  I have not built myself up properly to hit 20 yet. Nor should I after my recent toe injury. I argued with myself over what I wanted to do (go 20) and the smart thing to do (no more than 18).  I comprised and ran 19.
The awesome women I ran with today. (I was hiding behind the camera!)
It was a pleasure to see eight smiling Sole Sisters this morning at our meeting spot. We began with a 12 mile loop, mostly on paved trails. The temperatures hung in the mid-70's, but it was muggy and humid from all the rain we've had the past few days. My clothes were soaking wet by time we finished the first loop. After a quick refueling stop, a handful of us continued to tack on 7-8 more miles. We made a nice city loop down to the zoo where I haven't run in quite some time.

In all, I felt pretty darn good the whole run. I had to wear what I call 'my heavy shoes' since they have the widest toe box and more cushioning for my injured little toe. When I run in those shoes, my legs feel a little weighted, but my paced ended up being decent considering the miles. Overall, I'm super stoked at how well my legs handled the jump in miles. I can't express how excited I am to be marathon training again! And my little girls were so happy to help with ice baths again!

19.2 miles in 3:19

Avoiding the biggest mistake I make in marathon training, I came home and did not pig out!! Instead of allowing myself to think "I earned it," I made myself a healthy chef salad when what I really wanted was a big fat juicy burger.
Num-Num... Get in my belly!


  1. I'm jealous of that awesome group you have to run with. I am totally craving that salad...way to show self control!

  2. Jess, you are such an inspiration! Way to go! I hope i figure out what is wrong with my knee so I can start running again soon! Will just have to make the walking and cross training keep me in shape! You will do great with your training!

  3. JESS! You are doing W&D??? ME TOO! We have to have a meet up! :)

  4. That is AMAZING! Way to get 19 miles under your belt!!! And good job eating a salad instead of a burger! It's so easy to think we "earn" junk food after running, but it feels so much better to eat healthy and reward yourself with new running gear or something! Way to go!

  5. i love that you have so many great women to run out and train with!


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