Monday, December 3, 2012

December Magic

There is something a little electric in the air lately. I'm bouncing around with an extra swagger in my step and bright smile on my face. I'm grabbing my kiddos for extra hugs and feel an inner peace. Why? A combination of things...

THE WEATHER!  It's December in Illinois and the temps are currently sitting at 70 degrees. That feeling of spring is sparkling through the air. Everyone is in better spirits. My kids are giddy, playing outside, thus exhausted at bedtime. I got caught up on my landscaping duties... and the Christmas lights are going up like crazy!
On my way home from Spinning this morning, I made an impromptu stop at Bradley Park
for a quick 3 miles in this beautifully warm weather.  Magnificent!

SPINNING!  I instructed my first Spinning class on Saturday, and again this morning. I love Spinning so much, and was slightly nervous on how teaching would go. Just because you like to DO something doesn't always mean you'll enjoy being a teacher of it.  I'm happy to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the front of the class. As soon as the first class was over, I was anxious to do it again.  If you're local, join me for one of my next classes... Wed, Dec. 5 and Sun, Dec. 9. Both classes are at 9:00am at Landmark Health Club. I'm just a sub and in the weekend rotation for now; but in time, I hope to secure my own class slot.

CHRISTMAS!  I'm not a Scrooge, but honestly, I rarely get all that excited for Christmas. The holiday season is usually stressful for this momma - so many things to get done, so many people to please, so many plans, blah, blah, blah... All the hustle and bustle tends to wear me down. This year, our schedule is pleasantly more relaxed. Our extended family plans fell in place without much fuss or guilt (thanks Mom).  I feel like I have time to just sit and color with my children without worrying about "what I should be doing." Our daily lives have gotten so busy and we've regrettably skipped church more than acceptable. The kids and I made our way back this past weekend... I swear the gospel and homily were written just for me. I came home with an amazing internal peace. Life is good and just where it's suppose to be for me.

Day 3 of #plankaday
NEW CHALLENGES!  After another cycle of marathon training, it feels good to have some down time with running. I'll kick up the mileage again in January, but for now, I'm just running whenever I feel like it. When I do go, I run without a watch or time/distance goal. It's rather refreshing... and imperative for staying "in love" with running.  Relaxed running gives me flexibility to do some new things and cross train more (Spinning!).

On Dec. 1, I started the Holiday Squat-A-thon and the #plankaday challenges.  We're up to 30 squats today, and I almost hit the 2 minute mark on my plank! Want in? You can still participate in the Dec challenges. No signup, no prizes, it's just for fun and personal satisfaction. The schedule for Holiday Squat-A-thon is listed here.  #plankaday is simple... Get into plank formation with a stopwatch in front of you. Start the clock and hold your plank in the best form for as long as you can. My goal is to last 5 seconds longer each day.  Good luck!

NEW RACES!  Today my home city of Peoria (IL) is buzzing about a new race... our first full fledged MARATHON!  I have my spring race schedule mapped out (already including two 26.2's), but I may throw in the 25K event (15.5 miles) as a training run.  It will automatically be a PR since I've never raced that distance.  Check out the race details here and mark Sunday, May 19, 2013 on your calendar to come race my town!!  The exact course isn't announced yet, but you can count on a variety of terrain. In my own experience, it's practically impossible to long run Peoria without hitting a hill or two... The start/finish line will be downtown. Join me in Run River City 2013!


  1. I feel the same way about December! While it hasn't been 70 in Wisconsin (and certainly not tank top weather as your picture indicates), we're still enjoying ridicuously warm days and evenings meaning great outside runs. I especially enjoy running just after dark, when I can appreciate everyone's Christmas light displays! I have also been doing the holiday run streak - and the every day running is getting easier :)

  2. woohoo for awesome weather in December!! Here in Ohio today it got up to 68! :)
    Nice planking!! You are a plank whiz!! :)

  3. I agree, this weather has been a bit crazy! Your pics made me smile. <3

  4. I am loving the squatathon so far! And I am incorporating the plank a day into my workouts too! It's so hard but at the same time I don't want to give up!

  5. My best friend has family in Peoria, so maybe this race could be a road trip for us! Glad you posted about it! And in Texas we have been having 80 degree weather and I am NOT enjoying it. :/ After 100 + degree summer, I am ready for some "cold" weather! I'm ready to see some 40's and 50's at least! :)

  6. The weather here in Colorado has been warm too. I was dreaming of a white Christmas but doubt that'll happen. Boo!

  7. This weather is insane! But I'll take it! Every warm day in December makes me feel that much closer to spring! Do planks need to be done on hands? I usually do mine on elbows. Violation?

    1. planks can be hands or elbows - mix it up for variation.

  8. i LOVE this weather too- I don't know whey people are upset about it. I'm not the greatest at planks, is it weird that it hurts my back. I've found to be spiderman planks entertaining and alleviating the back pressure so I go on and off doing those.

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  10. Love your blog!!!! When are you going to do a race recap for the Route 66 Marathon?? I can't wait to hear all about it and dream that one day I'll be able to do a marathon. :-)


  11. I just went out to springfield IL (we got back last night) to visit family I knew I would be running a 2 mile race there so I packed layers and layers of clothing. haha It was colder in san diego where im from!! Perfect running weather though!

  12. I love your #plankaday picture! True to life, but mine would be a bit more red in the face!


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