Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three Things Thursday

No matter how cute the headband,
headlamps are just so... unattractive.
Did you extra challenge yourself yesterday for 12-12-12?  I sure did! I rode 12 miles on my bike in the afternoon, which ended up flying by really fast. I pulled up iTunes during my ride and surfed for fun songs to create a holiday ride for my Spinning class over Christmas weekend. Join me Sat, Dec. 22 at Landmark Health Club at 9:00am. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find enough upbeat Christmas songs to make a good ride, but am pleased that I did! It's going to be a fun rockin' ride!

Next up was my 12K run. I headed out to Sole Sisters early and got in 4 miles before our group run. Combine the two runs and I hit 7.45 miles right on the dot. Whew, done. Or so I thought... After dinner with the Sisters, I remembered the #SquatAthon and #plankaday. So there I was at 10pm , adding more to my already exhausting day.  My body feels really tired today, so I'm taking an off-run day... I need yoga.

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Last week, I made holiday sugar cookies. It was a fun mother-daughter project on a cold day. Unfortunately, the double-batch is already gone. (I have no idea why the scale hasn't dropped for me...)  So today, we're making more... A large portion will be donated to my church's cookie sale this weekend. Another bunch as treats for my Sole Sisters after we run the Jingle Bell Hell virtual run this Saturday. Whatever is left, I'm plating up for my neighbors. It's been proven impossible for me to lose weight with cookies in the house...

Did you hit any special fitness goal for 12-12-12?
How are you doing on resisting the sweets of the season?


  1. I did my noon workout and started at 12:12 and walked for over 12 minutes. Along with my squat a thon squats. I did twelve sets of 20 wall pushups at work yesterday.

    Yay on the bike ride and the run. I need to make sugar cookies with my boys sometime soon. I have lots of memories of making them with my grandma when I was little.

  2. I went for a twelve mile bike ride.

  3. Way to knock out the 12's! I know what you mean about having cookies in the house. I absolutely love to bake, especially new recipes. I am fine just taking one of the said baked items to taste and then giving the rest away. My co-workers appreciate this!

  4. Move to Oregon and teach spin class at my Y this weekend! I want to come!
    I agree with #1--Yoga on a rest day is a great plan.

  5. I did a 12K run for the 12-12-12. I am feeling it today! I am doing pretty good with avoiding the holiday sweets. We made cookies and other goodies last night so now comes the true test- having them in the house. Our holiday celebrations start this weekend so that will be another test of my determination! I am working on portion control. Have one and walk away:)

  6. I ran the 12k in 1:20. Not the fastest run, but I got it done, gosh darn it!

  7. i did nothing yesterday but eat bad food and attempt to knock out some tv shows (oops)

    i personally think that headlamp looks FABULOUS :)

  8. I did my mini work out yesterday, good on you! And the headlamp, well, is hot! hehe!

  9. HI Jess, I am a recent addition to your list of readers.
    Love your space.. I ran a few kms on 12.12.12 but nothing more to that!

  10. Ran 12k for 12-12-12 and an hour session of yoga! Great day.

  11. yesterday's workout for me was pathetic...attempting 4 miles and trying to keep up w/ my hubby who is SUPER fast, but hey I tried! I am hurting today, actually sore from pushing so hard so today is longer miles at a slower pace!

  12. I love following your blog! You are such a great motivator! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award.

  13. Yoga on a rest day sounds heavenly. Allan and I are determined to incorporate yoga into our workout routines on a more frequent basis. I'm not sure the last time that cookies even made it off the pan at our house so you are doing better than we are!


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