Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Birthday Run 3.9

Yesterday was my 39th birthday. This makes me slightly excited because I'm only one year away from the next age group! I'm not saying 40-44 is any easier, but I swear the best times at all my local races come from the 35-39 range.

I invited readers on Facebook to join me in a virtual birthday run... 3.9 miles of course. Thank you to those who dedicated your miles in my honor. As promised, I randomly drew five names to win a RUNwithJESS bracelet. Those lucky runners are... Gigi Becker, Celeste O. Hamilton, Joy Hale, Carie Austin and Christy S. Baldinger. Email or message me your shipping address. Thanks for playing along with me!

I can't remember a birthday that was quite as miserable weather as this year. Typically, I look forward to (and receive) and beautiful sunny fall day. Yesterday, however, it was dreary and rainy all day long. But there is simply no excuse for skipping my birthday run. It's become an annual tradition ever since I became a runner.

I awoke to two very excited little girls. My birthday ranks pretty high, right up there with Christmas morning. I received hugs, kisses, singing, flowers, and a bunch of handmade pictures (full of sparkly glitter as little girls do).  My husband always picks out a new running outfit for me on my birthday - even though I tell him not to. Somehow without me trying anything on, his choice is always perfect. This year was no exception...
The theme was obviously PURPLE.
How did he know my favorite color?!?

With rain and temps in the upper 30's, it was a chilly. I chose the long sleeve for warmth and the visor to shield my face from the rain. I headed out to my favorite place to run... Bradley Park.  The fall colors have started and I thought this might be the perfect place to take in nature's beauty (and perhaps those big trees could protect me a bit from the rain).

I love this park, but it's a challenging place to run. It's full of hills, but that is also part of the beauty. As I was climbing the second big hill, I started to wonder... No matter how easy I go, running hills two days after a hilly half marathon probably isn't the best idea.

But just then I looked up to see another runner coming down the hill towards me. Guess who it was... the guy who won Sunday's half marathon! He whipped out a 13.1 miles below a 5:30 pace just two days prior... and here he was running the same hills as I. Guess it wasn't that bad of an idea...

Climbing the age ladder can be depressing, but I run those feelings out of my head. My thirties have truly been the best years of my life, and I feel like every year gets better and better. I'm 100% healthier than I was in my 20's, which in turn, makes me one happy woman. I'm also extremely blessed in life with a wonderful husband and children. As long as nothing messes with my health or family, I welcome each new year with open arms!

Year #39... welcomed in with a 3.9 miles at an easy (hilly) 10:14 pace. In hindsight, it would have been neat if that pace was a 10:22 for my 10-22 birthday. Darn that ending sprint down the flat stretch!

Today, I'm heading out for 4.0 miles to honor Gigi's 40th birthday!

Do you celebrate your special day with a birthday run??


  1. I'm hoping to get into Lincoln too! It sells out FAST!

  2. aahhh - what a great idea to do on your birthday.
    I was excited to get in the 40-44 group too, until my body went downhill with the move... ugh!

  3. I just bought that visor for my birthday last Friday and wore it for my second marathon on Sunday!
    Happy Birthday!!!! I started that tradition on running my age in years last year and should have done 3.7, but with the race...I just dedicated a few miles in the marathon.

  4. I do like to make sure I get out there and run on birthdays and holidays. I really like being active on a day we tend to revolve around food. I like all the purple!

  5. I don't but I might have to =) Happy birthday!!

  6. I love the purple outfit! Wow. Your husband needs to teach mine about gift-buying. In recent years I've received: a can-opener (TWICE), a book about Ronald Reagan, some dollar tree chocolates and roses (which sound nice, other than I don't really like flowers. Okay, maybe the kitchen aid stand mixer he got me one year makes up for all the bad gifts. :)
    I had a great time at spin and your cupcakes were awesome.

  7. you do not look 39- running does your body good. I tried to take my monday run easy - 2 days after bourbon chase (relay)... i found the easier I took it, the more it hurt. might be a method to timing the pace to be somewhat faster so its less pressure on calves?

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and welcome to a new year of life! I've celebrated my last 3 birthdays (since I started running) with a run and I've loved doing that as a way to focus on myself for a bit :)

  9. What a fun outfit! Hubby has good taste! ;)

  10. Happy Birthday! At 41, I laugh at how decrepit I thought I'd be at this age when I was back in my twenties. I do cringe just a little when I have to check the box on the race registrations, though.

  11. I love the purple running clothes! He did a great job picking out your gift. :) Let me tell you, don't be looking forward to the new age group.... That 40-45 year old group of women are freaking fast! Unless it's small local races, I'm waaaayyy down in the middle or lower. Even in a local 5K, I got smoked by a 42 yo 20:XX was her time! what the? I was second with 23:18 which (for me) is pretty darn fast.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I have never gone out for a run on my birthday. I wonder if I can start this year?


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