Thursday, October 17, 2013

Three Things Thursday

This week has seen a huge uproar over Maria Kang. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, catch up here.)  I first saw her fitspiration photo when it came out nearly a year ago. I read her blog and actually enjoy her honest writing. However, I will admit the caption on that particular photo-in-debate was a touch bold. I knew from writing a blog/page myself, that she would certainly get backlash. In general, folks are extremely sensitive these days. Proceed with caution. When you put yourself out there - in an attempt to inspire - there will always be those who try to tear you down. I've been there and it stinks. On one hand, I feel bad for Maria that her intent was misconstrued.

On the other hand, I think Maria could have made the same point with a different caption. I posted a similar image not so long ago - although I have no bodacious abs to showoff. I got zero negativity over the photo below, but I guess I'm not as intimidating as Maria either.  I believe my point is the same as Maria's though... don't let children be a crutch, your excuse. If you want it (whatever that may be - rockin' abs, a finish line, or good health), you must be adamant and put in the work. In the end, it is our choices; our actions that define us. Be happy and proud of the ones you make. If you're not satisfied, do something to make a change... but don't knock someone else's success.

Same message; less offensive - right?

I completed my Virtual #RideOutCancer 50k last week.  Finisher's medals and shirts are sold out - but you can still join in the fun cause! Virtual Ride details here. I've got a pile of prizes waiting to be mailed out at the end of the month...

This Sunday, I'm running in the inaugural Susan G. Komen Promise Run & Relay. Yup, that'll be half marathon #4 in a month's time. I'm ready for a break, but this one is important to me.

My town - Peoria, Illinois - is the hometown of the Komen family. It was here that a young women named Susan aka "Suzy" reigned as homecoming queen and then years later died from breast cancer in 1980. Her surviving sister, Nancy Brinker, started the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in her honor to bring more awareness and help women become educated about the disease.

Just three years before Suzy Komen passed, my grandmother Lillian lost her battle to breast cancer.  Decades later, her daughter (my aunt) also fought the ugly cancer - but won. While there is much debate on how much breast cancer is genetic, it still scares the hell out of me - for both myself and my daughters. Our best defense is to stay current on checkups and be activeStudies have found that women who exercised vigorously and often were only half as likely to get breast cancer. Exercise can also help women with breast cancer better tolerate the side effects of treatment and recover faster after surgery. It also has a better impact on survival. All perfect reasons to keep kickin' it on the road and in the gym!

If you feel a desire to support me in my run against breast cancer, tax-deductible donations may be made here. Mucho gracias!

• Weigh-in... how do you feel about Maria Kang's fitspiration photo? Did it offend or inspire you?

• Have you finished your miles in the saddle to #RideOutCancer? 

• Anyone in your family affected by breast cancer? Who do you ride/run for?


  1. I was talking about this picture scandal the other day. There are two things that I really don't care about on social media anymore because they're oversaturated. The first is women posting photos of their bodies. The second is women posting pictures of their kids. I'm just so over it. There are so many other things to care about. Why get riled up about something like this? I don't get it.

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  3. I agree with you in regards to the photo- it didn't really offend be because I understand what she is trying to say but it could have been done better. I try to make a point to use my kids as my reason not my excuse as well- they are a big part of my why!

    I haven't been participating in the Ride Out Cancer and I am not sure why. I will have to look into it and still get in on it:)

    I have had several women in my family affected by breast cancer and like you it scares the heck out of me! I try to do whatever I can to decrease my risk factors but it is always in the back of my mind that it could happen to me. After having melanoma this year I am more aware and realize that things like that can happen! I run/ride for my grandma and my great aunts! One of these days I will participate in one of the large breast cancer walks/runs.

  4. I was a little irritated about the picture and the comment. I would much rather see a picture of a fit mom with her kids then her fit body in a swimsuit. Just feels like a jab, even if it wasn't intended that way.

  5. Honestly, her picture inspired me. I talk about excuses all the time with people. I understand people can take things differently. We are also all in different places in our lives. No matter what. She is healthy & trying to help others. Could she have said it differently, yes. She didn't though & if it reached one person to take a minute to think about it & maybe do something positive then that is great! -- Pamela


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