Monday, October 7, 2013

Spin for the Cure

The past few months, I've been organizing the first Spin for the Cure at the gym where I work, Landmark Recreation Center. This past Saturday, October 5th was the big night... and it was AMAZING!!  I was so moved by the women, the atmosphere, the stories.  It was a celebration of life - the ones we live and the ones we've lost.

Gosh darn it... I got all teary on the bike (which by the way, makes it really hard to instruct). I'm typically not one to get emotional, but there I was all choked up, unable to talk. Thankfully, I only led the first 30 minutes of the ride. I was somewhat relieved to hand over the conclusion to my fellow Spin Rockstar (and breast cancer survivor) Amy.

The Spin for the Cure event was set up similar to a race. Participants paid to reserve a bike, which was donated directly to the Komen for the Cure Peoria Memorial. Riders received an hour long Spinning class, goody bag, water and finisher's cupcakes. After each song, there were prize drawings (I believe we accumulated enough that everyone walked out with a prize!)  Afterward, we gathered in the adjacent Bullpen Bar & Grill for celebratory dinner and drinks, where 15% of the sales were also donated to our local Komen. I don't have final numbers yet, but I'm positive we raised over $600 with this little event.

Here's a video summary at our inaugural Spin for the Cure...

Thank you to all who participated and supported this amazing event.
Keep fighting... We'll definitely be back with a repeat next year!


  1. I just watched the video and cried when the slide in honor of my mom came up. Thank you, Jess and Amy, for such a great event!

  2. What an amazing way to raise money for the cause! Can't watch at work, but you guys are amazing. =)

  3. What an amazing way to raise money (said the 8 year cancer survivor who continues to fight each day). Thank you!

  4. What an awesome event! Makes me wish it could happen near me also! Great work!

  5. Awesome!! I spun for half the 50k distance on Sunday and will finish it on Saturday! I need to get myself a picture of me with the bike...just feel awkward asking someone to take a picture of me with the bike.. hopefully I get the guts on saturday :)

  6. you're such a great organizer. I think its great you utilize your passion (teaching spin) to put it for a great cause. :)


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