Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I got a bit INSANE

With the turn of the New Year, my gym rolled out a new class called INSANITY. I knew it would be challenging when I heard my fellow instructors were sore after their certification training.  Every Monday night as I stroll into the Spinning room, the gym is packed for INSANITY class - and those people are clearly working hard. Seriously, it's a bit intimidating to watch.

Over the past month, I've noticed there are quite clearly two sets of people... Those that get a glimpse of INSANITY class and say "No way am I doing that!" or those that scream "Bring it on!"  I don't like to think of myself as part of the first group, but I am. Sometimes. (Can you imagine me being deathly afraid of Spinning class? I was just 5 years ago!)  Trying new things is a hurdle that I still have to push myself over. I find that I've fallen into the daily routine of running and Spinning, which is all fine and good. But my body has definitely adapted and doesn't change much anymore. I still desire the change... the change on the scale, the change in how my clothes fit, the change in exertion levels, the change in performance.

Today I decided to change it up. I gave this INSANITY class a try. Worse case scenerio, I can't keep up and have to take a break. The kids (who were off school today yet again) and I arrived a bit early, so I decided to warm up on the treadmill. Warming up for INSANITY?! Such a foolish girl. But I needed some miles for the #WinterMiles Challenge.  I was a moron and thought the class started at 11:15am. Nope, it was 11:00. So I was late, but jumped in anyway. It was the perfect teaser on what Insanity was all about. I got in 2 "blocks" before the cooldown. Not easy and I was definitely gasping for air after the basketball jump/twirl thingys.

With INSANITY, you work all-out for 3-5 minute blocks, and then take a break only long enough to catch your breath before starting it over again. They call it Max Interval Training because your body is working at maximum capacity throughout the entire workout. It's all about pushing your limits.

After surviving Insanity, I decided to really push my limits and try the TRX Bootcamp. The small training group is limited to 9 people, but a couple didn't show so I was able to sneak my way in. As you know, I'm not a big fan of strength training. I find it boring and tedious, and really have to force myself to do it on a weekly basis. I'd rather run for an hour than do 20 minutes of strength. No joke. Well, let me tell you what... I think I just fell in love with TRX Bootcamp!! This class was so fun and completely challenging. I have always liked the circuit style of strength training... rotating stations. On. Off. Switch. Go!  I used to belong to a gym that actually had a circuit room with blinking lights and alarms. I loved it!  So I'm kind of excited today to find a new class that works for me. It's something I really need to add into my training regime.

So that was me, stepping out of my comfort zone today... and making a little magic.

What have you done lately to challenge yourself? 
What activities are 'outside' your comfort zone?
Have you ever tried INSANITY or TRX?

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  1. I've tried a few TRX moves before when I did some personal training, really enjoyed it, would totally take a class but we don't offer it. I love strength training, you should come do pump with me some time if your free, I'm teaching Thursday at 9! wink wink

  2. I've never tried TRX but would love to!! I have done Insanity (and Insanity the Asylum) and love it!!!

  3. I just tried TRX for the 1st time and really enjoyed the challenge. Something new and fun!

  4. I am about 1/2way through Insanity. Out of all the Beachbody workouts I have done this is the most EXTREME cardio I have done! I have to stop because of surgery I'm having but plan to get back into it when I am recovered. I have never tried TRX though. I'll have to look into that one!

  5. I have not gone to an Insanity class, but this does sound a lot like a bootcamp class i've gone to. Good for you for stepping outside your comfort zone!

  6. I wish they had those kind of classes at my gym. They had a bootcamp, but it was like $200 extra for six weeks in addition to regular gym membership.

  7. i'll be honest, i've been timid to try insanity due to all the jumping- i highjumped for 5 years and developed some arthritis at a young age in my left knee. Awhile back Skinnyrunner did a review on orangetheoryfitness - http://www.orangetheoryfitness.com/ and they FINALLY came to Nashville so I've been toying with trying that out

    1. The good thing about Insanity is that you can adapt the moves quite easily. I also have dodgy knees so for the first bout I adapted any of the jumping in the air moves by doing simple small jumps without bringing my knees up. This time round I am able to do the proper jumps as long as I am aware of how I'm doing them - always jump from a bent knee and land with soft bent knees - a workout mat and good workout shoes also help reduce the impact. You should try it, you will not be disappointed :) I'm currently 70lb overweight too and so far my knees are holding up :)

    2. Yeah, it is quite a bit of jumping around - which for me, affects my FEET differently than running. I did modify some of the moves to take away the impact.

  8. I'm currently on my second bout of Insanity, love it, love it, love it - no other workout even comes close to Insanity for me :)

  9. Good for you Jess. I've been weight training now for about 3months I do it 4x a week and I've lost 3%body fat and 4lbs of fat. I've also gained lean muscle and I actually weigh more now than I did before weights but I've lost inches everywhere. Running just doesn't do it for me in the weight loss department because I've been doing it for so long.

    I love TRX, my coach has one and we used it today. I'm actually ordering one for my house to do some workouts my coach will give me to do at home.

  10. I can't believe you did both classes on ONE day! You are hardcore, way to go!!


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