Thursday, January 30, 2014

Three Things Thursday

I went a little crazy on Tuesday and did back-to-back treadmill RUN + INSANITY class + TRX Bootcamp. (Read more about it here) A couple hours later, I returned to the gym to teach SPINNING class. Umm, yeah... Evidently, that was a bit much for this gal. My booty has been aching like there's knives twisting in my glutes with every step. The only relief is sleeping with my ars on a heating pad. I love working out everyday. It just makes me happy to sweat out the day's stresses. So when I have to rest because I overpushed... well, I'm just crabby... and disappointed. Disappointed with myself because I know better.  Today, I did light yoga and it felt good to stretch things out. Tomorrow, I hope to be back running.

Every August, my city (Peoria, IL) hosts the St. Jude Runs, raising millions of dollars for St. Jude Children's Hospital. Over the years, I've donated a lot to my runner friends who were involved, but this year I've decided to run as part of the Bartonville-to-Peoria team. With that being said, St. Jude will be the official charity beneficiary of this year's Jelly Bean Virtual Race (back for its 4th year during Easter week).  I select my charities carefully each year and am excited to support St. Jude. I also hope to run the St. Jude Marathon (Dec) for Tennessee in my #RaceAll50 quest.

The Snowball Shuffle virtual race is going in full effect across the country! I love seeing all your pictures. Anyone can still join the fun (details here). You have until Sunday, 2/2 to finish the 8K distance. All finishers are entered into a prize drawing to win a heart rate watch! Winner will be announced on Tuesday, 2/4.

I would remiss if I didn't remind you to VOTE HERE today in the ZOOMA Run-to-Napa contest. If I win, I also get a trip to giveaway here for you. Thank you so much for supporting me every day. I just love you guys!


  1. I hope your rest day was good for you and running tomorrow will be successful!

  2. Laughed out loud about knives twisting into your glutes. Not because your pain is funny, but because I can totally relate! Hope the soreness eases up and you can get right back into it tomorrow.

  3. I love the name of that virtual race! So appropriate at this time too!

  4. Wow - your Tuesday has me tired just reading all of that!! Hope your glutes are feeling better now!

  5. I completed the Insanity course 60 days that I loved especially as it knocked 4 mins off my 5k time and it has kept coming down even though I'm not doing insanity at the moment. Just having learnt how far I can push my body has help me get down to 21 minute 5k and I hope to smash the sub 20 barrier before the summer. It has also helped that every Saturday morning I take part in parkrun a free timed 5k run check out to see if there is one near you, I promise you won't regrets it if there is, the spirit and atmosphere is amazing.

  6. I completely forgot to tell you this- while in Maui I met this guy at the pool who lives in one of the surrounding cities of Peoria. His son was diagnosed at 16 with lymphoma and sought treatment through that St. Jude Center. He's now 20 and cancer free, although I guess you're not declared "cured" till its been 5 years. He mentioned that his wife is not a runner but does a lot for this race and shes familiar with Sole Sisters as well- small world.

  7. Guess Memphis can be another road trip for us two, I'm hoping to run in December as well!!!!


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