Monday, February 17, 2014

New Shoe Review: Reebok ZQuick

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

Earlier this month, a pair of Reebok ZQuick arrived on my door. I'm always delighted to try out a new pair of running shoes... especially with the promise of "These shoes will make you UNNATURALLY QUICK!"  The television commercials for ZQuick had already grabbed my family's attention with great entertainment. Unlike ever before, the ZQuick's arrived in a cool reusable bag instead of a box. Genius!

The ZQuicks are sharp looking, with a genuine race feel to them. In fact, the running shoes were inspired by the high-performance Z-Rated tires they are named after. The Z-Rated outsole provides superior handling and control with every turns. The grooves in the rubber outsole give unbelievable flexibility and ground-gripping performance to power over any terrain. The CRTek High Abrasion Rubber adds a protective boost to high-wear areas for shoes that last. Combined quickness, agility and comfort, you'll cruise through your run like a winning sportscar.

The upper portion of the ZQuick running shoe features a no-sew NanoWeb for ultimate breathability. The mesh fabric wrapped around my foot with incredible comfortable.  The featherlike weight of the shoe is the first thing I noticed on my foot... my size 9 weighed just 8.3 ounces! The support platform under my forefront felt wide and my foot has plenty of space to spread as the upper was extremely flexible. g

Unlike any shoe I've ever had, the inside of the ZQuick features an inner bootie that snuggled my ankle and locked my foot in. There is no pesty tongue that moves around during your run.

After first walking around with them for a couple hours, I took the Reebok ZQuicks for a test run on the treadmill.  I loved how light they felt... this is where Reebok promises the UNNATURAL QUICKNESS. Who doesn't love extra speed that comes easy?

The EVA foam midsole is designed with a radical new geometry for smooth handling. Your foot changes in dimension at the bottom of your stride as you put weight on it.  Your foot spreads out on impact to distribute force over a broader base.  (It’s about 5mm wider than when it’s in the air.) To accommodate for your body's natural handling, the ZQuick has built-in slashes along the bottom so that the shoe spreads with you. These underfoot grooves allow midsoles to flex and expand, increasing ground contact for a smooth quiet ride.

I really liked how the ZQuick felt on my feet. After a few miles of my test run, however, it became evident that my feet needed more arch support and stability. As you know I've been battling plantar fasciitis (currently at-bay, but I'm fearful on a return). The ZQuick's are a comfy lightweight running shoe for quick short distance, but I think I will need to stick with my heavier stability shoes for long distance.

Check out the wide variety of ZQuick color choices here. These QUICK running shoes retail for under $85, so definitely worth checking out at your local Finish Line store.


  1. Those look interesting. They remind me a lot of the Nike Frees. More minimalist shoes aren't really my thing, but if I saw them in a store I'd probably try them on to see how they feel. Thanks for sharing your impressions and opinions of them!

  2. I would say going off of looks, they don't look like running shoes, but as we all know, those are changing! They look fun and lightweight!

  3. I'm not surprised you need more support for longer runs...they look a lot like my Nike Free Runs, which were fine when I was only running a couple miles at a time. I think my husband would be interested in these though.

  4. I must've read 100 different reviews of this shoe now, and it seems that most people feel the same way: good for short runs, bad for distance. I really like the colors, and I had a good experience with my last pair of Reebok running shoes, so I might end up with these. The colors are luring me in, and I really like the color you received!

  5. These shoes are great - I like how you did your review. You take such clean photos...what do you use to take such clean looking photos? Or maybe, I am just a bad picture taker!

  6. I wear a 12 in Nike Free Run...I hear reebok run a little bigger...should I purchase a 11.5 or 12 would you say?

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  8. I know! I've seen the latest review and tomorrow I'm gonna buy. Reebok has the best cross training shoes .after all.


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