Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review: Apera Yoga Tote

Finding the right bag to lug your stuff back and forth from the gym is a seemingly difficult task. Since I joined my current gym back in 2009, I can honestly say I haven't been 100% happy with any one bag. There's always seems to be one thing that drives me crazy. And let me tell you, I use my gym bag way more than any purse... ever.

As a Spinning fanatic, my cycling shoes make home in my gym bag. As an instructor, I also carry around notebooks, clipboards, attendance folder, and other items I may need for a class. Add in my running shoes, change of clothes, toiletries, ipod and phone. In short, my gym bag holds a lot of my vitals.

Last month, Apera sent me their Yoga Tote to try out. Since there was no purple, I naturally went with hot pink. There is also a cool pearl color, black and blue. I've been hauling this sweet bag around with me, and have received so many compliments on it. It is one sharp looking, snazzy gym bag.

What makes a gym bag great is the inside... and how simply an OCD gal like myself can stay organized. My favorite part of this Apera bag is the built-in shoe compartment, keeping my Spin shoes separate from all the other goods.

This bag has pockets everywhere. In fact, it may be the only fault of the bag... too many that I sometimes forget which pocket stuff is in. Both sides of the Yoga Tote feature large pockets big enough to slip an iPad. I'm always tossing my miscellaneous stuff in these outside pockets - extra headbands, lip gloss, pens, safety pins, ipod, gum, etc...

On the inside, there are three more zippered pockets, where I store spare CDs for class and extra clips for my Spin shoes.

It is vitally important to me that the inside of a gym bag NOT be black. The lighting is dim in the Spin room and a dark bag interior makes it difficult to find items. So I was also very pleased with the light gray color on the inside of my Yoga Tote.

Another key feature on any gym bag for me is a water bottle pocket on the outside. This is a must to not get my stuff wet from leakage or condensation. The other side unzipped the bag wide open so I could dig and easily find stuff.

Finally, the Yoga Tote is specially created to store and carry a yoga mat. The shoulder strap's unique design enables you to slip a rolled up mat in a secure handy spot. Bonus - My foam roller was also a perfect fit in this spot!

Apera bags are constructed with wipeable polyester on the inside, so you can clean it as often as needed with a soapy cloth.  The material inside and out of every Apera bag is treated with antimicrobial protection that works continuously to prevent the growth of bacterial odors on the bag. The vented fabric across the top and sides (what looks like gray dots in the pictures) keeps your bag and items dry and odor-free. Also included with every Apera bag is a mini pouch - a water resistant zippered bag to keep your sweaty clothes separate from the others.

Official bag measurements: 21" width x 12.5" height x 7"depth
Retail Price: $119.00
All BLUE bags are currently on-sale for 40% off

Finally LOVIN' my gym bag!
Now it's your turn...

During the month of February, Apera is offering you the chance to WIN a Yoga Tote in the color of your choice. Full details HERE - just sign up for their e-mail updates and you're entered in the monthly prize drawing!! Good Luck!


  1. That is one sweeeet bag!!!! I love it!!!

  2. LOVE it!! Can't wait to get mine in the mail!! Fingers crossed it's tomorrow so I can take it to the gym!! :)


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