Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Dog Ate My Run

I've struggled this past week. With kids now home on summer break, my only run window (without lugging two kids along) is the early morning hours. I enjoy that time of day and it's no longer dark at 5am so really not a big deal.  Usually.  Last week however, I overbooked myself with a big garage sale and heavy workload. In preparation for the garage sale, I got in a workout by hauling boxes down from the attic.  For the first time, we were selling our baby stuff. It was both exhausting and emotional for me.  My legs were sore and cramped up from standing on cement for literally 8-10 hours for four straight days. All I kept thinking is... Aren't I in better shape than this? Needless to say, I went THREE straight days without a run! It was like a contagious disease. Total fail on the run streak.

Come Sunday, I called a Family Fitness Night. When hubby got home from work, we scooted out the door and took the kids down to the Riverfront. The running trail there always puts me in a happy mood, and that night was no exception.  While I pushed the jogging stroller, hubs jogged and our Big Girl rode her bike. After 3+ miles, we let the kids out at the playground. When it started to sprinkle, I finished off the run with a 1/2 mile sprint back to the car! It was such a fun evening with my favorite clan.  Exactly what I needed to get me back on track.

Conversation with my hubby as we went to bed that night...
H:  Are you running in the morning?
Me:  I should.
H:  Yeah, you should.  A running mommy is a happy mommy.
Me:  <grin> oh, really....
H:  I'm just saying... This weekend you missed your run a couple days and... 
Me:  Yeah, you better stop while you're ahead on that one.


Since then, I've rolled my butt out of bed the past two mornings at 5am and busted out my daily miles. Getting up early to run is like adding an extra hour to my day.  It's not always easy, but I love having my workout and shower done before the kids even wake up. It's precious 'me' time - before the rest of the day when I feel pulled in five different directions.

•  •  •

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  1. Way to get your run back. I need to plan some "destination" workouts to mix things up a bit around here.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that first quote picture. It is so true! My husband travels for work often and I finally made the connection that "I don't have any time" when he is home because we watch tv, we go to the beach, we talk for hours, we are lazy, lol, etc. When he is gone I am bored when the kids are busy so I "have time" Time is what you make of it. I needed that reminder. Very nice work waking up so early to run. That is hardcore!

  3. Thanks! I emailed you! Hope you get your $1000 quickly!

  4. I do the same thing some days and I don't even have children, just the two big dogs!

    Congrats Mindy!

  5. Haha, that conversation with your husband is so funny :) Sounds like it had some effect! It is hard getting up at 5am no matter what you do or don't have on - well done for getting back into it the last few days.

  6. So true! I almost always find an excuse/reason not to run even though it is important to me. :-(

    Ragnar Relay this weekend then hardcore running/training this summer for the Marine Corps Marathon.

  7. I've been trying to run in the morning but it's so hard to get up even earlier then before. I'm hoping that I get the hang of it soon.

  8. I love my AM workouts, too. Great job logging those miles!


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