Friday, June 15, 2012

Speedy at Steamboat

Last Friday, I was smack in the middle of my biggest endurance run (Ragnar Ultra Relay).  Just seven days later, I have completely shifted gears... pumping myself up for a quick 4 mile race at the 39th annual Steamboat Classic.  This event holds all the world records for the fastest 4 miles. The reigning world record was set in 1995 on this course... a speedy 17:24.  Yeah, seriously... 4 miles.

Steamboat also has the option of the "hilliest 15K," but I chose to give speed a run. I really have no idea what to expect out of my legs. Over the past several years, I've become a pretty good endurance runner.  I'm not necessarily fast, but I can hold a steady pace for some pretty long mileage.  I have been a regular student of track intervals, which have sped up my long distance pace.  However, I haven't raced a short distance since... last year's Steamboat!  In 2011, I clocked a 35:55. It may be big of myself, but I'm just assuming I can beat that.  So I'm setting my goal on sub-35 minutes. This should be interesting...

Are you racing this weekend?
Good Luck everyone!

After Steamboat, my race calendar quiets down for the summer.  I have several fun races tossed in July and August, but my next big 'A' race is the Air Force Marathon on Sept. 15. I'm running as part of Team USO, which supports our military soldiers and families. Please donate here to my team and you'll earn entries into my weekly prize raffle. (One entry per dollar donated. Prize winner drawn every Monday night. Entries roll over each week.) This week's prize is a $35 gift card to Road I.D.

Don't miss it... The Marathon Weight Loss Challenge starts on Monday! This is going to be EPIC success, I can already feel it.  With over 260 participants registered in the past couple days, it will be a great support system to reach your weight goals this summer.  Sign up here.


  1. Good luck....Break a leg....errrr.....I'm not exactly sure what you're supposed to say. :o) I'm running my very first 5K tomorrow. Excited and nervous!

  2. Good luck at your race this weekend. I feel a PR is on it's way!!!!


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