Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maximum Hydration

In the #LoseAMarathon Challenge, our weekly mini challenge is hydration. Participants were asked to research their exact hydration needs based of their own weight, exercise level and environment. Once decided on a number (for me it was 109oz each day), the challenge is then to drink and track that goal for one full week. {tracking chart here}  Even if you're not in the weight loss challenge, you are welcome to give the mini challenge a shot.  With soaring temperatures coming across the country this weekend, see if you can satisfy your body's hydration needs.

Try out this easy online calculator here to figure out your suggested intake on a daily basis.  There is no perfect science to this and frankly no one has the correct answer. Every individual has different water consumption requirements which makes it difficult to apply a general rule.  A good indication if you are hydrated is always that your urine is light in color.

Eating foods high in water can also contribute to your daily water intake.  Typically fruit and vegetables in their natural raw state are the best source of water in food.  If you find water boring, try adding some zing to your glass.  Try zero-calorie flavorings like Crystal Light. Fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, yum!) and vegetables (lemon, limes, mint, etc) are also great additions to water and look pretty fancy. Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks have a negative effect, so you'll need to subtract those ounces from your daily total.

For successful weight loss, research has shown that people lose more pounds the more water ounces they drink.  It is suggested to drink two glasses of water before each meal to more accurately read your body's "full" signals.

Too Much Water? Athletes also need to be conscious of hyponatremia, which means low blood sodium.  It is caused by excessive fluid consumption, which lowers the concentration of sodium in the blood. This may happen while sweating out your sodium (ever notice sweat is salty?) while drinking lots of water but not restoring your electrolytes. Sodium is among the body's most important electrolyte. When you exercise excessively, you need to replace your body's electrolytes to avoid serious fatigue.

To add electrolytes (and sodium) back in my system, I use Nuun tablets in my water.  These quarter-size tablets dissolve and turn your water into a lightly flavored drink spiked with electrolytes - without extra sugar.  Unlike most sports drinks, Nuun only has 4 calories per serving, which doesn't blow up my daily calorie count.

Recently, Nuun added to their portfolio and flavors.  There is now a product for everyone based on your activity level and needs...

  • NUUN ACTIVE HYDRATION is formulated specifically for higher intensity activities and/or higher electrolyte replenishment needs.
  • U NATURAL HYDRATION is all-natural and contains a lower electrolyte profile to Nuun.
  • NUUN ALL DAY HYDRATION helps you drink more water every day with crisp and refreshing flavors and is enhanced with an all-natural blend of vitamins and minerals making it perfect for your daily routine.

I use the Nuun Active a lot when I run and workout. Grape and Strawberry Lemonade are my favorite flavors. I've recently tried the Nuun All Day and can rave on and on about the Grape Raspberry flavor. Yum!

The prize for this week Marathon Weight Loss Challenge is from Nuun!
Next Tuesday, I'll randomly draw three (3) entries from the prize pool
to win a Nuun sports bottle & tube of tablets.
So don't be late on your weigh-in... next Monday 7/2 before 11:59pm

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  1. Love me some Nuun!!! And I do have to say I also love the water chart!!!

  2. New to blogging world, joined your challenge and love all the info you share! Love the water chart! How do I share your info on my blog to include links to your page?

  3. I am a HUGE fan of Nuun... dont know why it took me so long to find it!

  4. i've never tried Nunn, but it sounds great!

  5. I've got to find some Nunn near where I live. Today I just bought some propel zero-grape. It's gooooood! :)


  6. I love grape and strawberry lemonade nuun. I love plain water too, and flavored seltzer. Love this weight loss challenge so far!

  7. I'm feeling great with this's the jump re-start that I needed! I love Nuun, hope I win I could use that bottle for sitting out at my son's football practices too!!!

  8. Kona cola is the best flavor! I'm obsessed.

  9. From one Jess to another, great post! I just wrote one over at about hydration! It's 104 degrees and climbing here in Nashville and I think water is boring, so thanks for the great tips to add some zing to my glass!

  10. It seems like I can't drink enough this week with temps over 100 every day. Is it fall yet?! By the way, I'm so glad you were able to exceed your goal for USO so quickly!


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